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I need some Practical advice.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by freaktown, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, im looking at picking up my first road bike and am looking for some advice.

    Now ive ridden before so im a competent rider (as in all aspects of not being new to bikes)

    Let us say now aswell that i am mechanically competent and dont mind servicing my bikes myself or getting them done.

    What im looking for is a bike that i can play with hard, no bigger than a 250 for now. I like to be in control of the bike so somthing hands on, handles on a dime and needs to be driven hard.

    (Im a rotor nut if that gives you some indication, i like cruising at 9000RPM lol)

    Im thinking a nice Honda nsr150 or Aprilia Rs125 in terms of ringing there neck any time i ride it, but also being able to handle really well, have a small turning circle.

    Top speed isnt an issue i dont usually go in highways although being able to do 110Km/h would be good.

    I think the 2 strokes are going to give me that power band i want!

    Any ideas or suggestions!
  2. *Edit- Only problem is im about 6ft and about 100Kgs.

    So lol im not sure how thats going to go!
  3. 6 feet



    what's wrong with this equation???

    Seriously, get a 4 stroke 250 of some sort, you can still wring their necks to crazy revs, but they can carry your frame much more easily than a smaller stroker.....
  4. Welcome freaktown :) I don't know about the RS125 but the RS250 is a reasonably tall bike (a little taller than an R1) so you probably wouldn't look silly on it :p

    Being able to service and fix it yourself is definitely a bonus 'cause finding a good mechanic is not guaranteed :roll:

    How much are you looking at spending?
  5. The driven hard, handles on a dime, in control and no bigger than 250 remark made that rotor head in you evident before you said it :p

    I had a S4 RX7 13B Extend ported turbo if that makes any difference to my advice mate :p

    I'm also 6'1, and I fit fine on a GPX and any bike that size... any newish 4 stroker 250 will still be just as fun for ya!!
  6. forget about 125s and 150s (especially the 150s, apparently the WORST bike honda ever put their badge on :? ), they're wee little toys that might just make it to being as quick as a 4 stroke 250 but work a lot harder to do it and have the usual 2 stroke maintenance thing. you gotta give them a freshen a LOT more regularly and if you dont, you're likely to bust some major parts.

    if your happy to fork out a few bucks every 10-15,000 kays for a freshen, then grab a 2 stroke 250, they're real bikes 8)

    if not, then just go a 4 stroke inline 4 250 like a ZXR/CBR/FZR etc. they're pretty reliable provided they've been looked after, handle really well and can carve up twisties with the bigger bikes if the rider knows what they're doing :D most of these bikes dont have any real power below 7000 and rev upwards of 18000 all day long so that should satisfy that urge :LOL:

    do whatever feels right in the end, just stay away from the 150 :LOL:
  7. umm i dont wanna spend more than $10,000 but then i dont actualy want to spend that much if i dont have to.

    okay well taking into account im 6ft 100kgs i like to rev the guts out of my bikes and im looking for somthing that handles wull and turns really well. small turning circle is a huge plus!

  8. lol am i that obvious that i enjoy idleing at 4000rpm and getting 250kms out of a 60litre tank lol :)

    the gpx ay, hmm what about the zzr250 then, it looks alittle better then the gpx i tend to think?
  9. Also on a side note, ive sat on a CBR250rr and found it uncombfortable in the legs! as in there wasnt enough room.

    Alternatively ive sat on a cbr600 and found it had enough leg room!
  10. If you want plenty or power, excellent handling, kick arse brakes all for under $10,000 get yourself an rs250 aprillia or look out for an mc21 NSR250 Both are 2stroke weapons. Stay away from the 4 strokes of you want performance. And keep away from the RGV's.
  11. Note: If you can get something bigger than a 250, Get a 600 Much more comfortable. You need to decide what you want from a bike.
  12. turning circle is realative to how far you wanna lean over :wink: they'll all turn very easily, some will just like it a little more than others.

    the GPX/ZZR use the same motor on different frames. GPX is more of a commuter and ZZR is more of a sports tourer. both are fun and all, but not really high revvers (for bikes).

    i think you may need to make a compromise one way or the other here. a ZXR/CBR will have a bit more poke(not much) and handle better (not much) than a ZZR/GPX but wont be as comfy. and a bandit/hornet etc will have the same sorta screaming power and handling of the ZXR/CBR while being more comfy, but they're naked.

    personally, i love the nakeds and they're heaps better for taller riders (wit the exception of the spada, tiny bike that one). but if naked isn't your thing, then you gotta figure out whats most important....
  13. Not really true. A tight turning circle is not achieved by your lean angle . Try and do a u-turn with the bike turned over and theres a good chance you'll fall off. Thats like saying the smallest turning circle is achieved by revving hard, dropping the clutch and wheelspining the bike around until you are facing the rigth direction! :LOL:

  14. Why don't you like RGV's?

    No reason for the question - I'm just curious
  15. touche, like my bike which has trouble doing a U on a standard road at full lock :LOL:

    i thought he meant in terms of riding tho, not parking. and i havn't met a learners bike yet that cant do a u bolt in a bicycle lane so i figured the advice was fairly sound :wink:

    and thats how i have to turn with the 7, is there something wrong with this?? :LOL:
  16. I've seen blokes scraping knees while doing figure 8's in heaps tighter circles than an upright turning circle... it's about engine control, and using the rear brake and throttle together - A good rider who has mastered it can crank over and u turn quicker than most cars, easily, while a novice rider is still duck-paddling around upright.

    Like this bloke https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11208&highlight=test
  17. As an owner of an NSR as one of my trackbikes and a previous owner of an RGV, the honda is a much more superior bike. (and the aprillia is better again) The RGV (imo) has inferior handling and engine build quality.

    Just my opinion, like it or lump it!
  18. A question for the two stroke gurus out there:

    In terms of power, top speed and handling, what are the major performance differences between a 4 stroke 250 and a 2 stroke 125?
  19. So is this what they teach at HART now?? Or is this just the way YOU do your circlework.? Like i posted you can just dump the cluch and spin around on your own front tyre if you want, Plenty of riders can do it, but its not really how you would do a U'ee in flinders st now is it :wink: