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i need some help with buying a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kyro_02, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Hey bikers, well I haven't been really active at all, and since passing my bike P's I haven't ridden, and that was almost a year ago. I have just been approved for a loan and wanting to buy a bike, I just want to get around alot of freeway driving to work and the gf's house in the city.
    my budget will be about $5000 on a bike, and a thousand i will spend on gear, i am 6'2 and 85kg. so something big and with a bit of power

    i dont know where to start, so give me suggestions, besides the obvious "you pay for what you get" or "$5k is shit all" etc. all positive thanks! :p

    I like the look of the naked bikes, like vtr's but 250cc is really not what i'm after as I am off my restrictions in a week or two. 250cc+ (ie 600cc) will be ideal
  2. There are lots of great options for that money in mid-size nakeds. My personal faves are the v-twins: the SV650 (though you might push to pick one up for 5 grand - seen some though, and there are several currently on Bikesales for a couple of hundred more that you might get for 5) and the Ducati Monster, but there are others like the ER-5.

    Here are a few possibles from Bikesales:



    Hornet 600 (luvverly)

    There are also some *really* nice CBR600Fs below 5 grand if you decide something with a fairing would work.
  3. I'd second the SV650. The older SVs would be around your price range. Many of the nakeds have a bikini fairing, which would be a plus for highway work.
  4. The GS gets my vote. As a newbie they're great to ride and are not that much heavier than the 250's, are pretty nimble and easy to hadle, but still has the grunt as its a 500.
  5. If you're off restrictions in only two weeks, I would look beyond i.e ignore the lams list and just choose a bike that suits your needs. I just wouldn't ride the bike for the two weeks.

    I'd second a cbr600f, it doesn't fit the bill as a learner bike, but it would suit everything else you mentioned.

    Have you thought about insurance? I would definately insure a bike i was learning on with a loan on it, but then I wrote off my first two bikes. If you do, I'd look again at the two fifties, you'll save heaps on premiums, 200$ a year on rego and get one cheaper to have money left over for insurance.
  6. if you haven't ridden in 12 months since getting your P's, you might want to think about a quick refresher course too.
  7. +1 and I have been watching a ZZR600 on ebay that looks like going for about $3,500 out in Sunbury. Unreg but sounds like a good buy.

    Can you handle older style 100hp mate?
  8. Don't forget to factor in the price of on road costs and insurance...
  9. If you're moving up from a learner bike, I tend to think the GS500 would be ideal.

    I find the SV a "difficult" bike to ride at legal road speeds! Keeping to 60 on urban roads is nigh on impossible! :p

    Plus the GS has ample torque, is heavy, and perfect as a stepping stone for you to decide where you want to go later on down the road (in terms of a larger replacement bike).
  10. Hey Bravus
    I clicked GS500 & got a Hyosung 250 for sale! Is this some kinda "hidden message"?! :LOL:
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  12. Hmm something big, with a lot of power (but not too much power), and readily available for 5K? I reckon your best bet would be a 2nd hand Suzuki GSX750F - but given your preference for nakeds a Kawasaki ZR7 might be a better option.
  13. jd - doh! I checked the Z750s and found they were all too expensive, but totally forgot the ZR7s. Most are advertised for over 5 but in striking distance.

    whitenite - whoa, that's odd! I know sometimes Bikesales 'recycle' ad numbers once the bike has sold, so maybe that's what happened, but I only searched it yesterday...

    VCM, just use square brackets wherever I use curly brackets in the following:

    {url=http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/search/sd.do?recIndex=8&maxEngineSize=600&page=0&maxPrice=5000&y=9&sortOrder=2&selectedMakeIndex=0&categoryID=1&previousResultPerPage=20&currentPage=3&x=11&minEngineSize=250}Hyosung Comet 250{/url}
  14. By all accounts, the Suzuki GSX650F is a great post learner bike. Apparently it is more stable, compliant and easier in the turns than the GS500F. A few reviewers have said the 650 is a safer bike, even though it is an IL4 with 80+ kilowatts (weighs in at 230kgs but carries the weight nicely from what I've read).

    Sells in Aus for around the $10K mark. If I wasn't keen to buy the '08 CBR1000RR when I get off my Ps in April '09, I would be considering the 650, heh.