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I need some advice.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by chani, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Ok, I'm getting sick of asking questions & you guys are most likely getting sick of answering!

    But the only person that can help me is in Mildura.

    I'm not 100% sure if I really need ot put a claim in. I'm pretty sure I just need new fairings... The bars that hold the fairing onto the bike at the front are a bit bent as well.

    Is it REALLY going ot be worth claiming & spending $1400 on excess?! Like, REALLY REALLY. I do want my bike back exactly how it's meant to be, like back in the perfect condition I purchased it in...

    & I also want it back by Christmas, so I can show my Dad while he's down from Mildura... Is that too much to ask!?

    Oh, yeah. NSR 150. Repsol Replica.
  2. Depends on if the bits cost more than $1,400 and someone can put it back together, if you can get them this close to Christmas, I guess.....
  3. As Hornet says, but one other factor to consider is the affect on next years insurance bill. So it's not just $1400 but that + your increased premium.

    Depending on the amount of damage to the fairing they may also be repaired and not replaced.

    What you might find is that if you fund the work yourself, you might get it back quicker as it will not require formal estimating and assessing.

    You need to ask the questions of the place that's looking after it for you.
  4. lol dude no dont get insurance.
    i got an NSR u can order new fairing set from thailand for about 600$ repainted and all. Not sure if its genuine or fiberglass though. Or buy some plastic cement and have a go. NSR's arnt worth spending squat on

  5. Yeah, but it's my baby... & I love it.
  6. Well why you asking "Is it REALLY going to be worth claiming & spending $1400 on excess?!" :facepalm:

    Go spend all the money you got if you love the thing.
  7. If you don't repair it, and don't tell your insurance company (either when next you renew, or immediately, depending on your policy) then they can get out of paying in any future event.

    One of the primary disclosure questions in renewal is "Is the vehicle undamaged in any way" or similar.

    Consider this if you decide not to repair it, or even if you repair it yourself.
  8. What's wrong with the bike?

    Maybe you can get it fixed properly for less thatn $1400.

    Give me a ring if you want to discuss. 0418 219 330
  9. Thanks for your input MG, but the question was is it worth the excess? Meaning can I get it fixed for cheaper, which I have.

    Thanks Loz, but I've taken it down to Melb Motorcycle Fairings in Spotty & they've got part way fixing it. Should pick it up Friday. But I will drop you a PM, to take you up on the offer you made AGES ago of giving me a hand with my braking!

    & that's RoderickGI, my insurance copany actually told me to get it fixed off my own bat since the excess was so high.