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I need new boots!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kojihama, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Anyone have any good recommendation for boots? Street riding only. Budget around $300.

    I tried some SIDI boots on at the store and they were ok, i've just never heard of the brand (being relatively new to bikes 12months). The local store only had a few A* and a few SIDI for street boots.

    Are those Puma's any good?
  2. A* and Sidi both make great boots

    With the right bargaining you shoyld be able to get some A* SMX5 boots near your budget (I'm a A* fan girl so I have no idea in pricing for the Sidi's).
  3. Sidi's are awesome, on my second pair and have no intention of straying...
  4. Sidi sidi sidi

  5. Res: wow.. that sites awesome.. especially for shipping and the pricing is comparable to some of the other sites like Sportsbiketrackgear and ridersdiscount.

    Bummer.. they only do international orders of $300 usd or more.
  6. I don't like the interface of sbtg as it's not well structured. I've got the base model sidis and they are great for riding, sturdy, offer lots of protection not to mention are also waterproof too. They are not designed to walk in but who walks in motorcycling boots.

    I'm about to order an a* jacket, cardo scala rider g4 multiset and maybe pants too from revzilla. Oh it appears they also jumped on board nr as their advertising appears below with the link to the boots.
  7. I was reading another thread and saw fc-moto.de. They're german based and they remove VAT from the price for international orders. A pair of A* SMX5's (waterproof version) are $260 delivered.. that's nearly half price!!

    The SIDI B2 goretex are $280 delivered.... i'm pretty sure they're like $400 retail here.
  8. I do, thats why I buy A* :D

    My SMX4's were like wearing ugg boots, the Supertech R's are just as comfy.
  9. Sidi have been around for donkey's years. I don't think I've heard any negatives. If they suit you and fit your budget, go for it.
  10. I've had 2 pairs of A*'s and they are good boots - they last well, are waterproof and comfortable too.
  11. Hmmm.. those SIDI Vortice Air boots are definitely flirting with my wallet !
  12. Sweetie I applaud your taste, this little biscuit has found both variants reputable. I have had two track based offs in these boots with minimal damage to both the boots and the parts ensconced with in.
    I have brought replacement parts off eBay for them. I adore the replacement sole........

    Sugarplum some believe they are an encumbrance to put on and take off, particularly if you are doing so for track sessions........
  13. Thanks for those particulars, Rattus. Have had my eye on these for some time. It'll be good to eventually have these & discover the differences between the two (currently riding with A* SMXRs).
    I remember the first few weeks with above-mentioned A* boots - they were harder to put on then also, so I'm assuming normal teething process of any new item.
    SIDI's rate a 9.5/10 from me ... (looks)
  14. Sidi. Very comfortable.
  15. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I went and tried the SMX5's and the Sidi B2's and the SMX5's felt more snug so i'm going to get those. The B2's were just a tad too loose unfortunately.
  16. That's awesome, didn't think they had knee high motorbike boots that are comfy to walk in and thought the walking ones were the ankle high ones.

    Good choice and enjoy your boots on awesome days ahead.
  17. Import Sidi's from overseas. Pay half the Australian retailer's bullshit price.
  18. Hey Smokae. I think it was your post which I saw the fc-moto.de website and that's where i've ordered the SMX5 waterproof version from. $250 aud delivered. Aus RRP is $400. The SIDI B2's were $280 delivered with a $400 aud RRP too.

    As much as I would prefer to buy local... my wallet and wife prefers the $150 saving.
  19. Awesome, I'm glad you saved some money. I bought my Sidi's before the exchange rate came good, kicking myself, but still paid only $350 for my vortice corsa's...just they're in white :( A fast discolouring white!