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I need more adrenaline

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jirf88, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. So I'm looking at jumping from a perfectly good aeroplane.

    Anyone here been skydiving before? Any particularly good places to go in Sydney?

    Thanks folks

  2. Yes. No. You're welcome. lol
  3. There's a place near Picton. There are white crosses on the ground to mark the places where people have died.
  4. Thanks Rob and Paul :p Although, you're not being particularly helpful.

    If I have to die, I'd prefer it be with a smile on my face. So those white crosses don't bother me.
  5. Sydney Skydivers at Picton right of the highway at the picton exit, Skydive the beach at 'gong, which lands at the big field at north beach next to the novotel. think there is also a place over penriff/richmond way. not aware of anyone dying at gong, but two people have died at picton (one topped himself, so only one accidental death).

    both are good, prices comparable. The gong one is nice being over the coast but you got a 20 min bus trip down to albion park. For some reason that I cant really rationalise, i prefer picton - maybe its just where i did my first one or that I only did tandem at gong not solo. But wherever you go, you will enjoy it.

    One final thing, cant remember the name now, but instead of a tandem, you can do a whole day ground training course, come back the next day and do the jump solo with a spotter on each side of you. You can do it first jump and only an extra $150 or so, definitely worth it - tandem is pretty boring really.

    Its amazing how far you can see four k's up, can see past jervis bay at gong on a clear day.
  6. the training thing. think its called AAE level 1 or something
  7. AFF - Accelerated Free Fall :dance:
  8. thats the one.

    Edit: oh, also, the bloke that runs the picton place has done over 24'000 jumps. which is quite a lot really. thats like one per day for about 66 years - thats older than hornet:-w
  9. yeah it is fun. I did it in kiwiland, so cant reccomend anything here.

    but a mate gave me a voucher for redballoondays.com.au and it has a bunch of providers conveniently in one place based on location and price I think (clicky the linky)
  10. My kids bought me a tandem sky-dive over Wollongong. The flight up and over the coast was brilliant and the free-fall was one of the most exhilarating things I have experienced. My son-in-law had previously done the AFF and he said the tandem was better value because you could relax and enjoy the experience without having to think about what had to be done next.