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i need help with a fzr 250 3ln

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chrisfzr250, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. i have a 89 fzr 250 3ln when its cold it starts very easily and runs very well, when it gets warm it starts to stall at idle and lose power down low, i have had the carbs cleaned sent the cdi to get tested and its fine am getting the coils tested. if any one has experinced similar problems and has any idea of where to go from here please let me know

  2. Have you checked the spark plugs?
  3. yes replaced the spark plugs
  4. Well if the carbs are fine, and the electrics are okay,the only other thing I can think of would be a blocked breather hose or fuel tank vent.
  5. Oh and it might also pay to check the rubber bits between the airbox and the carbs for leaks - most rubber parts on a bike that age are prone to cracking.
  6. replaced rubber intakes and cleaned out tank breather no blockages
  7. Could be a myriad of things including wats mentioned above .

    As posted in your other thread have a good read over at FZR250.com.....its pretty quiet there but a few guys get on at times and still help out.

    Your problem could be your exup valve......you need to check it out and "service" it.
  8. Mmm
    Symtoms saying too much fuel
    Or not enough air
    Soz for stating obvious.

    But its the obvious you need to get back to
  9. What-he needs help
  10. You're not trying to run it on something other than standard unleaded are you?
  11. And have the carbs been adjusted correctly and syncronised?
  12. have run it on premium, it runs and you can ride it to full noise for about 15 min and then when you roll off the throttle it wants to stall and is hard to start when it does sart you have to ring its neck and ride the clutch to take off, i pulled the exup valve out cleaned put it back in and put the cable on the wrong way "stupid" swaped it back checked the survey its all doing what its suppose to. it is a very strange problem i have taken to a bike mechanic and i think he is about to give up on it
  13. Premium won't be helping, the bike was designed for standard unleaded. Higher grade fuels can have a higher density, and make the bike run rich.
  14. couldn't it also burn too hot?
  15. If anything it would make it run cold, as the unburnt fuel will have a cooling effect. It's not having enough fuel (or too much air) that'll make it run hot (along with several other things of course).
  16. I will say also that you should give it a shot of 91 ron fuel. Some people think their 4cyl 250's need 98 because they are pretty hardcore engines that rev really hard and sound like formula one.

    But my 250 ran much better on 91, my vfr on the other hand prefers 98, which is good because these days you cant get 91ron with no ****ing greeny shit in my stupid state.
  17. while on this subject

    best fuel for a 2011 cb400sf vtec? :)
  18. what!! really? i thought they were just still in the grace period or something, i have not seen it since july, my local BP has e10 only and i dont think i have ever seen it at shell, but i dont put shell fuel in my bike if i can avoid it.
  19. When bike is hot cables have a higher resistance.

    Could be a ignition leads
    Are u having battery problems.

    Also at start you basically eliminated carbs - that should not be eliminated yet.