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I need help vtr250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ziggy8, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. so i came of the bike about 60k's, the bikes ok but i took it in hey told me whats wrong and i figured id give it a go myself.
    they say i had bent forks or fork i cant see it, i dont know how they tested it, i took it to another guy he said he couldnt tell, but i thought ill take them of bend them back to be on the safe side.

    so im trying to take them of undo a few bolts the fork can slide up and down...cool but how do i get it out. i see the bolt that goes from 1 fork through the tyre/rim and to the other fork... thats the tightest bolt iv ever tried to undo still cant do it plus i think i snaped the speedo cable aswell... i got a few turns out of it and the tire and forks slid down(i had it hoisted up a llitle)

    now i dont know how to get it back the way it was or continue going to get the forks of.....any suggestions? thanks

    i just found a workshop manual and i think i was doing the wrong steps first apparantley a should of dissconected the speedo cable first and left the axel holder bolt in before attempting to undo the axle nut
  2. AH always best to RTFM before doing anything
  3. yep its a bad habit of mine...do it first, doesnt work, then read...

    havent tried it yet, i dont want to know the damage i caused trying to do it my way, pretty sure i broke the speedo cable and i hope i didnt strip any of the threads on the bolts. you got no idea how much force i used trying to undo the axle nut and yes i was going anti- clockwise. i also know that when something requires that much force your doing it wrong but i didnt listen to myself. ](*,)
  4. sweet got them of always helps when you read the manual, so much easier.