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I need help or I'm gonna go crazy!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Shadow200, May 9, 2006.

  1. Hey, I need help from some of those guys who ride and own a 4wd as well. We are looking to raise our vitara, and would like to know of any decent coils that would give a good 2-inch lift. We would like to put them with Old Man Emu front struts.
    Can you help?

    I thought I was getting a bigger bike. Now it seems the car is getting bigger instead!!
  2. I can't help with the lift because i ran my Vit at stock hight, but what sort of Vit do you Drive?
    Mine was a 91JLX.

    Man I miss that little car...
  3. It's a 93JX 4-dr Wagon. Deciding whether to do the full lift,coils, struts, etc. or just spring spacers on existing springs and 30' tyres.
    Not going to use it every weekend, just now and then.
    What do you think??
  4. If you just use spacers you get lift without increased articulation. Concidering you probably want it to be road effective as well as off road effective. Unless you are going to town, then you probably wont be making the suspension plush enough to really use all the articulation anyway. So spacers will allow you bigger rubber and the assosiated clearance without all the messing around.

    I will point out that at the front you can not fit anything in the wheel well at full lock bigger than i had on my Vit (can't remember the exact size) and that was still at stock hight. So unlless you are going to play with the wheel wells or restrict your turning circle don't expect a whole heap out of it
  5. LOL Vitara - i remember that, my first car my folks gave me. The little thing used to burn through the sand dunes but mine was stock so every now and then it would be mounted on a lump of sand that some other 4wds had struggle to get through.
    That thing of mine had the back seats takien out and 2 12 inch subs in the back and 6 speakers all around the car DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH.

    Then someone ran a red light and the Vitara was no more
  6. So how do they handle on sand? I never had a chance to play on dunes.
    I did bolders, I did Slush, I did River crossings (Alll the way up to the headlights) i did Airborn, I did Climbs i did Snow (Now snow and ice is realy fun)
    But Alas i never got any Dune time.
  7. So do you think with 31 inch tyres we'd have problems turning full-lock? Is that gonna cause problems if we try to and it hits something?? When we get it done i'll let you know how it handles in the dunes.
    I think we are thinking full suspension - no spacers.
  8. couple of points Shadow.

    1. Great little car.

    2. Yes the bigger tyres are going to foul the body, both at full lock and full compression of suspension.

    3. When you get bigger tyres, don't forget to get the speedo adjusted otherwise it'll be way out.

    4. Places like ARB have pretty much an "off the rack" suspension upgrade for the Vit. Go talk to them and they will advise.

    The good news is that everything you want to do is very common and lots of people have done it before so go speak to the 4WD people at ARB/Opposite Lock/TJM etc etc.
  9. Oh and here is an other resource...
    I went along and had a chat with them, they seemed like prety O.K. People

    Can't find any meeting info (There sitee appears to have changed a bit)
  10. Thanks heaps. It seems pretty common for people to use old man emu front struts with tough dog coils, etc. I have a place here that are pretty good, except that the guy that knows it all works away at the mines, so isn't here all the time. Will post some pics when its done - hopefully within a month!!!Is the speedo easy to adjust yourself??
  11. i dont think so. for memory, you can buy a "corection box" that they wire in and does the job. no too expensive in the scheme of things.