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I need help in deciding on a fast motorbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Hyphen, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Now my other half wants a new bike but he can't decide what to get. He's currently got a DRZ400E that he brought brand new a few months ago but wants to buy a fast sports bike but wants to get one where u sit in an upright position.

    He was looking at a Bandit, GSX1400 and Hornet 900.. whats the best or any other suggestions?

    Mr addicted to torque wants me to pick one, but I need your help :LOL:
  2. We can't pick a bike for you/him, and if he wants you to pick one then it seems the features etc of the bike are unimportant.
  3. what does he need a "fast" bike for?
    sounds to me like he want to lose his license as quick as he can.
    seriously though, what does he NEED a fast bike for?
    is 0-100kmh important for some reason or does he want a track bike to race around the track on?
    fast does NOT make you cool.
  4. the mighty ct110 has a great upright seating position :!:
  5. I was just after some suggestions, but thanks anyways guys :?
  6. hayabusa?
  7. alright, ill play nice.
    torque you say??
    forget the inline 4's an look at the v-twins
    vtr1000 firestorm, sv1000n or s
    but, you also mention sports??
    well Honda VTR1000SP1, OR SP2
    suzuki TLR1000r

    All big bore v-twins, torque aplenty!
  8. How much $$$$ to play with.. Kawasaki ZX14 or GTR1400..
  9. As long as it is turbocharged with a 100hp NOS tank under the seat.
  10. Monster S4Rs :). If he's got the cash...
  11. Hmm, yes maybe after I've held WOT for more than 3s on public roads...come to think of it maybe after I held WOT full stop on public roads...
  12. HAHA u guys are crazy!

    Thanks for the input.. This morning he bought a 2007 Honda VFR800.. almost totally the opposite of what he was looking at lol :LOL:

    He wanted a cross between a Suzuki Hayabusa and a Ducati Monster and figured it wasn't available so the VFR was the go :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. Suzuki B-King is a naked Busa, but anyway. I also think it's a rather uglified Busa, if you can imagine such a thing, so in that regard it's nothing like a Monster.
  14. Good choice, I hope he enjoys his new VFR800! They are very comfortable and will go like a sports bike when you need to.
  15. He read my mind I was going to say get a red one :grin:
  16. turbo repsol cbr1000
  17. this should be AWESOME
  18. You've done what now? :oops: