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I Need Help Deciding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iFrosty, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Here it goes, well i got my money now, enough to buy a gear, motorbike and insure. But now it comes to the point where i decide to buy or not.](*,)

    Car or Motorbike?

    Pros Cons


    Pros: Cheap 2nd Hand, Good Looking, Free Parking especially CBD, FUN!
    Cons: Gears, Servicing, DANGEROUS, Weather =="

    Pros: 5 Gran car, you'll have a good one to drive around, Pretty much the opposite of Bikes + the other accessories that a car can have

    Cons: Insurance maybe? I dont know...

    Anyways i've been talking to my parents about this, they agreed whether i should get a car or motorbike, what ever my preference is.

    Im worried about the cost for servicing a motorbike, costy than cars

    What do you think? would it save $$ if i service the bike by myself. Basic servicing like oil changes, fluids?, coolant, if it has one, chain, lubing. then service my bike for other servicing needs like tires, sparks?(maybe this part i can go study how to replace the spark)

    My point is what do you think i should get? First Bike or First Car

    im on my Ls btw ==" driver, since last August, 9 more months for Ps >.>

    What do I need it for? Weekend rides just for fun, I might do Car Mechanic Apprenticeship, moving from IT background to Mechanic >.>

    (Australia, weather that changes all the time... -sigh- problem is, if your riding a motorbike, its sunny then like after few hours boom shakalaka its raining and you dont have your wet gear)

  2. Wait till you get your unrestricted driver's licence and drive for a few, maybe 5 years on that licence before you get your L's for your bike. That way when you start learning on your motorcycle you're more experienced on roads as far as rules and driver behaviour and stopping distances etc.

    Basically you should learn some traffic-fu while you're safe on a car before you try the roads on a bike, that way if you stuff up you have a personal cage to protect you.

    Starting off on a bike with no roadcraft, road experience, rules etc etc is unwise.

    I didn't get my motorcycle learner licence until I had my unrestricted drivers licence for years.
  3. I'm sorry what? 5 grand buys a good car?
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  4. A Tonka one?

  5. True True.... Only have like 3 Months of driving experience including highways >.> not enough i guess
  6. im not saying like a sexy looking hectic car..

    in terms of "a good car" pretty much a first car ==" 2nd hand still in good condition.. i meant.. sorry
  7. I'm sorry what? 5 grand buys a good second hand car?
  8. == never mind that.. ignore it.. scratch what i said, i have a brain of a peanut.. =D>
  9. Also - with L's on a car you have a supervising driver, i.e your Mum, Dad, Uncle or whoever who can help get you out of sticky situations, grabbing the wheel or applying the E-brake, and can give live feedback on technique etc.

    On a bike, well, you're by yourself.
  10. Seriously though Ifrosty, no one can answer this question except you.

    Personally....I would never give up my car.
  11. again, true. Ouch 2 in a row :D

    well i guess car it is

    I have a 6.5k budget >.> was hoping to get a bike.. but meh stuff it... car it is=D>
  12. Ifrosty,If I were you,I would seek advice elsewhere.
  13. Well I was asking my parents & relatives about this..

    Answers are:

    Its up to me
    Car is more safer
    Bikes are fun

    But yeh Learning about traffic, obviously i wouldnt start riding around busy roads.. pretty much quiet streets for a start. Progressing till I get used to Traffic Rules and stuffs.. You guys know what i mean?
  14. For your first vehicle, I vote car. Wait until you have more roadcraft before jumpingbon a bike.

    You also forgot a big (probably THE biggest for a young person) reason to get a car...you can go places with your mates in the car.

    Also, parking in the cbd on a bike is not all it's cracked up to be. I did it daily for a while and it sucked, I ended up switching to the bus. You have to be damn early to get a spot and arseholes block you in all the time. I lost count of the times someone parked so close to me I couldn't stand her upright to take off.
  15. And getting the girlies (or boys, as whatever your preference dictates) on the back seat of your bike isn't quite the same as getting them into the back seat of your car....

    For political discussions, of course.
  16. The truth again :D well my mates also uses bikes >.> something called group riding? i guess... but eh thats them not me :D

    Thanks again
  17. how come i did it and have had 0 crashes but all my friends have crashed their cars multiple times? if u learn to ride a bike first u HAVE to learn roadcraft whereas in a cage people are complacent.
  18. See ya in 5 years then.
  19. no offence intended but judging from the posts ive seen you make on this forum i would advise against a bike until you are more mature
  20. I'll answer this one for ya... this comment doesnt go towards your "friends" but to people who crashed their cars

    id say young people, alright? Yeh they got on their Ps.. wooptidoo! they have their car go out with their mates and yeh having fun.. at some point now that they are out of Ls, they start to mock around. show off. leave skid marks. i know my mates does that. they speed they dont care coz they know they have a car to protect them. crash it boom, dont care repair it do it again..

    when it comes to motorbike, it comes to our mind that "mate you're so vulnerable out there, take caution" we wouldnt be doin that shit, speeding show off and shits like that.. we'll be like more careful.. get my point?

    Motorbike: Responsible
    Car: Irresponsible especially those mo fkas that dont care what happens