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i need a plumber!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by jadey, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. are there any plumbers out there that can please help me?????

    the pilot light on the hot water has gone out and we managed to get it started again (thanks heaps to azz) but it only lasted 24hrs. i have tried and tried to get it started but i don't want to go blowing the place up. (it wouldn't be a nice surprise for my folks to come home to) iv'e called the heating company and the can send someone out for $110 plus parts, which i really can't afford atm. if i can't find someone by lunch time think i'm going to have to call them back :(

    is there anyone who lives in balwyn or near by that wouldn't mind having a look (i'd hate to think it was something small and stupid) or does anyone know any cheap plumbers?

    well i'm off to have another cold shower :cry:
  2. I'll ring a couple of mates and get back to ya.

    Hold on
  3. PM sent.

    Edit: oh, forgot to mention in the PM, his names Glen, lol
    ring up, it'll be glen that answers
  4. thanks heaps matty!

    called glen and he said it sounded expensive and might need to be replaced. so i ended up calling the company that made it and they are sending someone out. sometime between 1 and 4pm (lets hope it's closer to 1pm!)

    hopefully it just needs a service, fingers crosed!
  5. all fixed ($224 later) i can finally have a hot shower! :dance:
  6. So Jadey, did it need a service or was it a quick fix?
    I only just saw this post now but my brother runs a plumbing business (ALG plumbing) and even tho he is based in Narre Warren, he travels all over Melbourne.
  7. the thermostat (think that is right) and the cuppling (hmmm...not sure) had broken :( so $95 call out fee + bout $100 part + GST. the guy from aquamax was really nice. he even showed me how it all works and what was wrong. poor guy having to put up with me :p took bout 30/45 mins