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i need a new suburb.....(suggestions please)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fishbulb, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. ok heres the deal. my wife and i live in inner sydney... which is fine but expensive. what we would like is a house (not apartment) with some ground, nearish to a train station.

    since were kiwis we dont really know where in sydney to look id like some advice....

    we sorta looked at mtdruitt but that now seems a bit crime infested.
    west would be nice, up to an hour by train from the cbd is ok....

    please please find me a suburb!!
  2. Well if you want a serious answer, I'm a kiwi and rent in Lidcombe which I am very happy with.

    Its a very Asian orientated community which I also don't mind in the least, very accomodating and friendly culture.

    Location wise its great, you got the silverwater on ramp just around the corner which takes you west, Lane Cove north and King George to go south.

    Burwood or Parramatta is 10 mins away for serious Westfield shopping.

    Ride time for me into the CBD is 30-40mins depending on traffic, it can be an hour riding home in rush hour.

    One of the most frequently stopped at train stations on this line.

    I rent a 2 bedroom unit in a 4 unit block, polished floors, reasonably modern - $195 p/week
  3. cheers Duncank, this is exactly the kind of stuff im after, suggestions asbout where you know and what you like or dont like .

    ill add lidcome to my list of areas to lookin.

    my father lives in howick in auck, so an asian oriented area is no drama + these areas have the best supermarkets- need a fried duck foot at 8 am on sunday??? no worries!
  4. inner west would be my recommendation - you should be right anywhere from newtown to burwood. :)
  5. what kinda money you can spend?

    strathfield, burwood, ashfield all have train stations. nice areas with shopping at burwood westfields.

    they are very central areas west of the cbd

    or you could consider where i live, punchbowl/bankstown, i wouldn't recommend though.

    also look at meadowbank/ryde, nice areas also
  6. were paying about 300 at the moment, so we could pay about 250 out west somewhere and use the difference to pay for trains.....

    by the way does anyone commute on the train??? how much does it cost?? (ballpark)

    cheers for the ideas folks, keep em coming!!
  7. Wollongong.

    heaps cheaper rents, glorious surroundings and an easy commute to Sydney.....
  8. ok, ill bite....

    how long is the commute to the cbd tho hornet??
  9. a 7 day railpass valid between burwood and the city will set you back $25.00

    to work out for other stations, go to:

  10. My suggestion would be to get out of Sydney all together! :)
  11. A bit over an hour and if you sit on the eastern side of the train on the way up you get the fabulous view over the Pacific Ocean and vice versa for the western side on the way home.

    Check out city-rail's timetable for the times.

    I WAS half-serious, though; out of a population of around 250,000 nearly 40,000 work in Sydney (many commute by car, of course).
  12. bass-player, this is in fact what i would like to do.... move out into the country somewhere, and grow cactus for a living. however mrs fishbulb works in the city so we need to be close enough for her to work. im a roofer by trade and driver labourer by choice so i can work pretty much anywhere.

    hornet - its prolly a bit far out but your right , the views would be fantastic.... ill mention it to the mrs....
  13. I'm paying $220 for a three bedroom house with an 8x4 metre colourbond garage..... and ducted air-con (in the house, of course :LOL:)
  14. I've thought about the big move out, that'll then take me an hour to get to work, and bugger that.

    I'd rather spend 15 minutes to get to work (now frigging 20 minutes door-to-door since I got to park in the street), than have this great place in the middle of nowhere.

    Losing 2 hours a day for travel? Bugger that, there's a lot I can do in that 2 hours :)

    I barely spend anytime at home anyway :)
  15. *sigh* if only we weren't tied to the 9-5 :(
  16. with some land????

    this sounds like just the thing....

    we used to have 10,000 sq m of yard.... for the last 2 years its been 0

    i need some dirt.... :cry:
  17. My feeling is that in Sydney it isn't worth to trade distance from CBD for cheaper rent - the rent isn't *that* much cheaper, and what difference there is will be immediately swallowed by the cost of the commute. Not to mention the time it takes - what value do you put on your time?
    Unless you can work close to where you live in the 'burbs, that's a different story.

    I'm reminded of that saying... "suburbs: the area between the city and the country, with disadvantages of both and advantages of neither" :)
  18. true what you say... but im a hill billy at heart and havent really got funky with the dirt for a few years. im hoping that this move will be the last untilll we can look at buying.

    living in the city has no real advantages either, theres no real shopping and if we want to catch a train we have a 15 minute walk.

    plus our neighbour (in an apartment block) bought sing along with me thingys just before xmas... it wouldnt be so bad if she showed just a gleam of talent.... but it aint so, talentless and loud.... grrr
  19. I realise Mrs Fishbulb works in Syd, so this is gonna be null and void from the beginning, BUT: Move to Canberra people! All the benefits of a decent city (Pubs, shopping, pubs, big cinema's, Pubs etc) But its no different than living back in Nowra. Man, four cars stopped at a set of lights in Canberra is a traffic jam!
  20. funny you should mention canberra... its actually one of the places i want to look at as a longterm option. hows the work situation down there?