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I need a new ride

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. So I need a new ride

    what to get

    remember I am 187cm and 110 kg

    The wr250 was fun but ran out of puff due to my size

    I am on my full license
  2. you is a big dude....

    get an R1 :D
  3. I was too slow adding my poll

    it was very funny one as well
  4. Wr450?
  5. lateral thinking here

    how about a draught-horse :rofl: ????
  6. just add it in a post. Like list down the options and we can vote :D


    Or you could just get one of these. That would be awesome.
  7. You might like the XJ1300. I've heard nothing but good things and they go reasonably cheap. Torque everywhere, good upright position suits your height, over engineered engines impossible to kill and the rest of it is simple 80s muscle bike.
  8. ooo i like that, but have to say I do also really like teh XJR1300
  9. Vmaxs and Bkings are too expensive. But taking them for a test ride is something you should do if you rock up.
  10. How much coin you got?
    Get a Ducati Monster!
  11. The XJR1300 is for touchy feely types who care about the environment.

    Get an oil-cooled GSX1400 instead :).
  12. V-Strom
    TDM900 (very comfy... sat on it and I'm 193 myself)

    are my suggestions :)
  13. what kind of riding you doing?

    im 6'4 and on a zx-6r, good for the weekend twisties... not exactly good for touring though.
  14. Well My choices are

    Aprila SXV 550 - because I have large testicles

    Ducatti - so I can be a motorcycle snob

    Harley - to increase my toughness o make myself look tough

    Triumph Gaytona - because Goz said thats what they are

    Kawasaki - ummm hmmm iffy

    Suzuki - err nah the GSXR 1000 to me looks too much like the GS500F

    Yamaha R1 - which is what all the beautiful successful intelligent cultured all round good people ride
  15. Told ya.

    You didn't listen here:


    so would you now?
  16. Any issues with dropping some kilo's?
  17. What about a 'busa?
  18. That one's on my list too. It'll come one day, first the 1984 GSXR-750 and the slingshot...then the Kat, then the K5, then the 99 Busa...also the XN85 (there was no better turbo, the GpZ can get ****ed) and an RE5 (first one with the space dash)... And last but not least both the ported RGV250 and the venerable RG500 with banana swingarm and the trick crank kit.
  19. Well, I'd say a CBR1000. any year between 2004 to 2007! Can't go wrong. Awesome handling, enough power and smooth.. GO ON.. do it. If you get an R1, you won't enjoy it as much.. or. a VStrom 1000 can do amazing stuff - I'd go one of those. zx6r if you wana rev the rings outta it