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I need a new helmet

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by voyager, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. What it says. I need to replace my aged helmet with a new one. This is a relatively simple task made complicated by one factor - most fullface helmets on cruisers are noisy as hell as they expect your head to be down more. I can't roadtest helmets before I buy, so does anyone have a recommendation for a fullface that is pretty good in this regard? Oh yeah, it needs to be fully rated too - not just the australian icecream bucket rating.

  2. I know this is off topic but dude, is that a space marine in ur avatar?
  3. I wear a Shoei XR 1000 and ride a cruiser.

    I can't say that I've noticed it's particularly noisy. But I am a newbie and don't have anything to compare it too. Oh and any helmet noise would likely be drowned out by my exhaust.

    I'm not helping much am I? :facepalm:
  4. I just wear earplugs under mine. :(
  5. +1

    Or, Shure E3 in-ear phones attached to an old iPod shuffle.

    Good question though, I'd love to find a quieter helmet too - my KBC full face is insanely loud but so was the Shark before that.
  6. hahah that doesn look like s apce marine! i remember those XD
  7. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll check them out.

    And yes, its a Space Marine.
  8. My new Shark system helmet is a lot quieter than my old Nolan system helmet.
  9. shark evoline ftw!!!
  10. I have a Shark RSI that I find comfortable, wear ear buds with iPhone. Would like to maybe get the evo next helmet.
  11. my shark RSI is a piece of crap. noisey (breaks in heaps), poor build quality. its light. but not worth the money. 09 model.
  12. I have a Shark RSI and when I first put it on I thought I had ear plugs in it was that quiet.

    I use earmolds on the bike at all times so no helmet is noisy for me :D
  13. apart from the noise recommendations...as to the other part of your question on safety...check out the SHARP ratings

  14. I recently went from a KBC to an ARAI Vector. I couldn't believe the difference, whisper quiet and NO turbulence. I ride a naked bike with a small screen which shifted the wind from my arms and chest to my head but this new ARAI has shifted all wind to ...? (By the way I also wear earplugs).
  15. I've got a shoei XR1000 with the whisper kit - basically an elasticised fringe than wedges around the neck hole of the helmet, and an extra chin bit that closes up the front. Cut the wind noise down a huuuuge amount for me. Most common problem is the inside of the visor fogging up when it's on - I only noticed a bit of this in winter when not moving. Not an issue for me.
  16. The XR-1000/XR-1100 is looking the front runner at the moment. Plus I know Shoei make a lid that will fit me properly.
  17. Go the Shark option. Have a Shoei, 2 x Sharks and a HJC. Shark is the quietest by far. :)
  18. And you can paint it blue so you look like a Ultramarine. How cute.
  19. I wear an Arai Vector helmet and I'm surprised it is so quiet!!

    Then again, I'm on my Provisional license so I don't go any faster than 90 km/h.