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I need a key for an old 2nd hand Hornet - options?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mikeybaba, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I have bought a wrecked 2005 900 naked hornet ,it is a repairable write off . I DO NOT HAVE A KEY FOR IT AND was wondering wether I can put a second hand ignition in it or if I have to buy a new key.The motor has not been started for about 5 years so could anyone give me some tips on what I should do before I try to start it .I would be most grateful for any advice. thanks mikeybaba.

  2. Re: gidday ,mikeybaba here

    Hi Mikey
    Have look on ebay, you can buy cheap replacement ignition switches for all sorts of bikes for around $20. It would give you the chance to start it and do the necessary work, when you've got it going, buy a genuine replacement.....
  3. Re: gidday ,mikeybaba here

    thanks for your help I will head there now .
  4. before you crank it, make sure you have clean oil in it?
  5. Replace all of the fluids and filters. Clean the carbies. Flush the fuel tank. Change the fuel filter (if it's got one). Turn it over by hand several times before attempting to start it.
  6. after doing all of above .if i have a motor that has not fired up for some time i like to remove the spark plugs and ad some oil in to the spark plug hole. then turn the motor over with out the sparkplugs in ,this will coat the cylinders with oil . ..when you do get to start it the motor WILL BLOW SMOKE ,,,IT WILL CLEAR AFTER A SHORT TIME
  7. Go to honda with the code from the barrel and tell them you need a new key for it.
  8. purely out of personal interest, why do you do this tiprat?