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I need a job... I need a bike...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dje, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. Hello NetRiders,
    Im looking for a job, 2 inparticular...
    One job is 'riding one of those scooters with advert trailers on the back'. Not sure what the official title might be called.
    The other is delivery driver (pizzas, whatever)... but on a provided scooter. (I just love riding!)
    Ive tried seek, mycareer, govsearch, even google, etc... but obviously couldnt find anything.

    My bike was stolen late last year :cry: (gsxr750) so im hoping get a job on 2 wheels so I can save up for my own bike.
    Any suggestions, reccomendations or constructive critisism is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you~


    ps: Thinking of a honda vtr1000 firestorm for my next bike.
    Yes? No?
    Good? Bad?
  2. I would keep a eye out for the scooters and would think they may have a number on the trailer or scooter . if not try and stop one and ask the rider. As for pizza , there are some places in stkilda , do the walk around and look for the scooters out the front and stick your head in the door and ask. I think a place called the noodle bar has the same as well.

    Hope that helps
  3. To be honest mate you would have to deliver an absolute shitload of pizza's to save enough for the firestorm. Pizza delivery doesn't pay too well.
  4. Call domino's and ask for the number for recruitment!

    As for the trailer thingies I spoke to one of the riders a while back and he said it was a shite job.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replys.
    Its a good start...

  6. This is my NSW exp.

    Pizza delivery drivers get paid $3 a pizza.

    A good driver will deliver 4 pizzas an hour.

    If you want to work your arse off and at least make some money, courier rider.

    There's one in Sydney that hires you the bike for your shift ($150 or something like that).
  7. If you work for dominoes it is acutally much better then most award wage jobs. They pay the highest of all Pizza Joints. My mate works for them and he get's like $14/hour + delivery. Deliveries are categorised into 3 price brackets which are dependant on distance travelled from the store. A = $1.10/delivery (very close) B = $2.20/del (average) C= $3.30/del (the areas on the outer edges of the stores delivery range).

    My mate including tips could average like $22-28/hour on most nights. This was in comparison to my other mate who worked for Pizza Hut. The treat drivers as contractors (you need an ABN and you sign a contract). So you just sit around waiting for deliveries and ONLY get paid for your deliveries ($3.30/del). Therefore it was shit work because there coud be alot of sitting around not making money whereas Dominoes you were already ahead by like 4 deliveries every hour. However because they pay you hourly you also have to wash pizza pans etc while you have no deliveries.
  8. Why not get a job as a postie.
  9. My advise - Forget about the drivin jobs.. you wanna save for a bike...not a push bike!! get a decent job that you do and earn for. You can ride for the rest of your life. ;)
  10. What state are you in. There is a garage down the road from my work where they do those advertising scooter/car things. I could give you the addy if you're in melb/vic and just pop on in there. Best way to try to get a job :)