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I need a good website designer who can do e-commerce.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hey all.

    I work for a company called Whatmough Monitors. Ive decided to redo our website and expand it also. To me, the site is bland and boring. The site is here www.whatmough.com.

    We are expanding to the USA and Hong Kong and wish to add e-commerse to the new site. Would like someone in Melbourne who is experienced and qualified to possibly meet up and have a chat and throw a few ideas around. More than happy to pay good cash for a good job or even work out some kinda contra deal if anyone is interested in TVs, speakers, amplifiers etc.

    If anyone is keen, please pm me and we'll take it from there.



    edit - sorry i dont know why i posted in off topic but could a mod move to the wanted section please. cheers
  2. G'Day

    I recently went through a similar exercise to you with my wife's business.

    The main thing that we needed was that the ability for my wife to edit/change/modify the information (not layout) on the website.

    In the brief research that we did, it pointed to using a web-based e-commerce facility that would host the site (redirected from our www addy) - from what we looked at, this started at about $600 to setup and about $20-$30 per month to host. The cost adds up when adding online shipping cart / credit card facilities / postage estimator / etc.

    Good luck.
  3. Cheers Chris.

    Were looking at a complete re-design of our site im expecting to to cost a bucket load more that that!! :LOL:

    Definately dont want and externally hosted e-commerse section. Would prefer to tie it all in to our site.

    Cheers for the info bud.
  4. I work for a marketing company, I'll PM you our website details for you to have a look
  5. Hi Scott,

    I am a director of Inventua (www inventua com), a software and online solution development company based in SE Melbourne. We are Microsoft partners and have deployed a lot of company websites with all sorts of ecommerce integration.

    I'd be happy to put together a proposal for you if you like.

    We've done site revamps like you have outlined for a number of australian and international clients and I am sure we can help you.

    Matt (03) 9750 0444
  6. Scott,

    Template Monster is a good place to look for ideas for how you want your new site to look and feel. Check out http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates/14895.html for an example - but browse to their home page and seach through all their catagories to match your taste.

    Do you have any other sites you like the look of?

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  8. If you are still looking, I can give you contact for my brother in law. He's in Melbourne and has done number of eCommerce websites, wikis, forums etc. Now he's working on a website for a movie about Balibo 5 which is going to contain lots of multimedia etc.

    If you are interested, PM me.
  9. Hey mate,

    Check out Shopify, it's a very high quality hosted, managed online store product. You don't pay anything to set it up and add your products, you only pay a commission on each sale you make:

    You'll have to type www DOT shopify DOT info into your browser (this forum won't let me post a link because I have less that 5 posts).

    So you'd be able to set your store up with very little investment capital and hardly any risk.

    You can get 'themes' custom designed for the product as well, at the expense of paying a designer (there is information on their site about getting in contact with designers who have themed their product in the past with examples of their work).

    Either way you're better off doing this I believe. A quality individual may charge you anywhere in excess of 5k-10k for custom development or 'appropriation' of an open source product and you still run the risks of it being not up to scratch, not secure, not reliable etc. The problem is that software developers (and software development companies) are hard to evaluate unless you're a developer yourself.

    This is my advice on having personally developed custom web stores for people with varying degrees of success at varying levels of expense. It's just not worth spending the money and taking the risk of custom software development when high quality services like Shopify exist.

    Hope that helps (and sorry to the other blokes for stealing your cheese).