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I Need A Drink ( or two )

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. As close as i have been to rubber up in years !!

    Rideing to work this morning in that loverly rain, on a road i know extreamly well, I had the choice of sitting in a semi's "jet wash" or going around ( not a car in site so around i went )

    Got about 200 or so mtrs in front of the truck and was merging back into the right side of the road, when IT happened ............................
    Bloody back wheel broke traction and threw me into a semi tank slapper

    Something you really cant practice for ??
    What did i do beside swear alot !!

    Cut the throttle ,
    lock in elbows and grip bloody tight with knees on tank, and pray !!
    NO BRAKES AT ALL and let it ride out . only took about 3 sec's but it seemed like forever ..... then when back under control eased the throttle back on ( remember the semi i just over took )

    Now at work on my 3rd coffee and my knees are still alittle wobbly

    :? :cry:
  2. Good save,

    Hope that work is understanding enough to let you settle your nerves. Last time I had a close call I was wired for hours :shock:
  3. Any idea why it happened, or is it 'just one of those things'?

    Y'day was the closest I was to being hit (by a cage) - and I found myself the rest of my trip home thinking 'what did I do vs. and what could I have done'. Fortunately I found that I did do most of what I could have done - but it was still time for reflection.

    Glad to hear nothing untoward happened.
  4. Glad you were able to react quickly and get through it OK!

    Coincidentally, I saw a guy this morning turning the corner at lights too quickly in his Falcon sedan and he lost the back end completely and was sliding from side to side until the wheels got traction again.

    In his casse though, I'd say his ego took the bigger beating (heheh)...
  5. p.s. Just noticed I've been upgraded from a newbie to a lurker - that's funny! :)
  6. For the completely naive, what is tank slapping? I have read posts about it and wasn't sure what it was. I have my suspicions, but just wanted to have someone clarify.... :?
  7. That'll teach you to try and spin the back out while you're overtaking Bob....show off!

  8. Good to hear you made it ok...

    I took Max really easy today because of the amount of water on the road.
  9. Good save Bob, guess all those years of experience paid off! Glad to hear Nicole is ok! Any ideas on why?
  10.  Top
  11. Yep as a matter of fact i do know the major contributing factor.

    The back tyre i WAS going to leave till after the Halls Gap run !!

    Booked in for a newone on monday now !!!!

  12. Good to hear u came outta that one ok. Think of it this way bob, it's good to exercise the heart and get the veins pumping once in a while :LOL:
  13. Last one I had was in the dry and that was enough for me. Watching the bars snap back and forth from full lock to full lock is not a recommended recreational event.

    Bob, you didn't mention if the bars were crossed up when you let the front wheel back down, that'll do it to you every time 8) :D .
  14. Sell the crappy VTR and get yourself a CBR1000RR, comes standard with the Honda Electronic Steering Damper. And it works a treat!! :D
  15. My close call was Wednesday arvo going pillion, coming off the Monash doing 160kph!

    My feet and heart were buzzing for hours! I shall partly blame Bob for that one - egging on others.... Today is your just desserts!
  16. what, the recovery?
  17. Nice save VtrBOB.
  18. I feel for you VTRbob. Hope your nerves have calmed by now.

    I hate being next to semi's at the best of times, yet alone with that tank slappin thing going on. Forget the drink or two....... I would need a bottle or two!!!! :shock: