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I need a cheap runabout car....recommendations?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by blaringmike, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Due to my brother and sister getting their car licenses sometime this year I will need to get my own car as I currently drive my parents. 2 cars + 4 drivers = not always having a car.

    So I want the cheapest most reliable car you can think of. I don't care if its auto, man, what accessories or features. As long as its not going to blow up on me I don't care what it is. Would prefer a 4 cylinder for petrol but would consider a 6cyl. I would like to spend under 5k but maybe push that out a couple of thou if I cant get anything reliable for under 5k.

    What do all you knowledgeable netriders recommend and why?
  2. get an ea, eb or el falcon. KEEP FRESH OIL IN THEM AND THE ENGINE IS GOOD FOR 700,000K.
  3. 5 grand can buy you a lot of car. Dunno why you even need to ask if it's just a runabout. Me I'd be spending $1000 on an old corolla or something similar, 1 granny owner, blanket on the back seat.
  4. A bucket just like mine, eh Loz?
  5. i got an el falcon that had done 200k for 2k. nothing wrong with it, just gave it a clean, put some oil and water in it, run it on premium, drive it nice and slow and get up to 600k on a 70L tank. So ~ 11L / 100k and that is city driving too. very spacious and comfy.

    oh and some cabbies drive these for over a million k's. they just keep on going.
  6. I have a shitbox ea manual, which does melb-syd on one tank. I will have it until it rusts away, which will be soon, but mechanically, they are cracking things and easy to repair and maintain.
  7. If it's a cheap reliable four banger you want, get a Magna or Camry.
    $3k will put you into a NICE Magna (not a beat up old taxi!) with air and lots of options. Cheap as buggery to repair too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Get whatever Corolla you can for the money you want to spend. Those things never stop and are cheap to run.
  9. aren't those things front wheel drive?
  10. Not necessarily bad but cv joints are a pain
  11. Subarus are notorious for eating CV joints, but I found that as long as you replaced the boots when they were cracked the lifespan wasn't that bad. Besides which, a reconditioned CV joint was under $200 fitted.

    While on the topic of Subarus, they are cheap and last forever. Find yourself an L series wagon with air-con and you have a cheap car that is close to bullet proof. If you want to spend even less find and 1800 series wagon. Subis are much more fun than corollas too ;)
  12. Cheap cars aren't fun, just transport
  13. Subis are.

    You'd be amazed at the places the old Subi 4x4 wagons have been. In the early 80s my dad took one throughout the Gulf of Carpentaria and far north Queensland, often to places owners of 'big' 4WDs said were unreachable.
  14. Corolla.
  15. Yup, its the same spirit of the idea behind 'the fastest car is a rented car'.

    If its cheap and you don't care about it, you can do fun things which you wouldn't think about doing in a decent car :grin:

    That said, I do long to have a car with actual suspension instead of pogo sticks.
  16. Early model Corollas were RWD (pre '87 I think) - as was the 2-door AE86 which is a hell of a lot of fun to drive. Unfortunately most AE86s are falling into the hands of p-platers (who usually modify them till they explode, or wrap them around a tree).
  17. Another better option, although I'm not sure of their value, would be a Subaru Impreza. The later models are all wheels drive and a pretty good car.
  18. Yeah tri, but are they cheap yet?
  19. Also, avoid 2wd Imprezas like the plague, they are underdone in every department.