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I need a bike its so hard to find a good bike!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by gabak, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Hi all i have just joined
    I have just got my l's nsw and have been looking for a good bike and its so hard i am 6"1 and 130kg so im no feather. I was looking at cbr250rr sat on one but it is to old and i would like to have more kids one day so i have been looking at the hyosung gt250r which is nice bike goes well but then i guess as a newbie i have no idea what a good bike would ride like but if anyone has suggestions i would be happy to hear them i am looking for nothing too old and something sporty not crapy and will carry and fit my fat ass.

    thanks in advance

    gabak :p :p :p

  2. if you're 130kg and live in NSW i'd be using LAMS to your advantage and getting a bike bigger than 250cc, like a suzuki GS500F or some such option

    good luck in the hunt for your new toy :)
  3. a good bike is simply a matter of cash. As slyfox says, look at your LAMS list and go from there. Maybe the Ducati might work for you ?
  4. yeah true but dont want to spend too much as its mainly for weekend fun and want to save money for my big bike when off my p's looking at spending about $6000

  5. ....if, otoh, you happen to live in Vic and are restricted to a 250, you could do hardly better than the Hyosung, considering your CBR experience and measures given.
    I know of a 2004 model, 5500km, $3800 incl. 12mths reg.
    pm/ email me for details

  6. what about a hyosung gt650 (-, s, or r - see http://www.hyosungmotors.com.au/ROADBIKES.html). You can get this in a restricted form initially (which is LAMS approved). Then, when you are off your p's and instead of upgrading to a bigger bike you remove the restrictors on the bike, and you have a proper power 650.
  7. There is no way I would ever recommend the monster lite for a learner.

    The only difference between the lite & normal monster is the throttle restrictor. All the throttle restrictor does is stop you twisting the throttle more than 20%. That's how they control the power.

    Frigging bizzare. Because by the same logic you could do the same thing to a litre bike, only giving like 5% throttle.
  8. i'm just wondering what's wrong with that? if the throttle restrictor is on does that adversely affect the riding in any way? cause to me it makes sense. i'm thinking about getting the monster that's why
  9. Like Slyfox said check out all the bikes on the LAMS list a large capacity bike might be worth it.
  10. a friend has just told me a good bike might be YAMAHA SZR660 but does it come with more fairing if not can you get more put on

    and thanks all for your help
  11. SZR660's are a decent bike and within your price range. They are only 'half' faired bikes as standard, but I wouldn't think there would be any airflow issues with this (or are you just after the looks of a full fairing?). Dunno if they would be much good for long highway trips (they are a single cylinder motor), but still better than the 250 you were considering. A fun bike for the twisties methinks.

    For my 2c, I don't reckon you should look past the LAM's GT650, bit more than you want to spend but you already have a big bike at the end of your restriction.