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I need 20 R1 rear Shockers - seriously

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by dave_vic_ozz, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. A few mates and I are building Hill Climbers.


    I need 20 standard R1 rear Shockers with bell cranks. So where the h3ll can I get those from?

    In reality they need to be close to the same vintage, new or low km.

    I guess it will be overseas. Prefer local. Is there a Yamaha dealer network or dealer that can help?

    Dave D.
  2. I'd suggest trying the R1 forum. A mass of guys there will have replaced their stock shocks for aftermarket ones. Some even give them away for the cost of postage.
  3. You need 20 or you & four mates need 20?

    Sounds like a cool project, you should post up some details, & pics of course!

    (I had a look at your link but it was pretty hard to navigate)
  4. ... but I DO love the banner pic of the old 24 ounce Datto :LOL:
  5. I've got a 99 R1 shock I don't need. Would be willing to sell.
  6. I will give them a go. Thanks for the tip.

    Here is the bike.

    blaringmike - I need all the same model ideally and as new as possible. I will keep it in mind.

    Dave D.
  7. Flux,

    That R1 forum is in the USA and I would like to try locally first.

    There may be an after market seller who can sell me a whole lot of traded shockers?

  8. I see how that sounds now. 4 per car, 5 cars in the first round.

    750 cc class. I am doing it to improve my driving skills and I doubt it will ever be cheaper.
  9. See, no one really trades their stock shocks in, and if they did, they'd likely get scrapped 'cos no one really wants them, well, except for yourself.

    The sad reality is that it's going to involve a lot of leg work dealing with individual private sellers (which is why I suggested the R1 forum as a good concentration of them even though they're in the USA). This will save you a TON of money, albeit with a lot of online negotiation.

    You may want to try motorcycle wreckers. You may get lucky and find 10 locally in Melbourne, the R1 being a popular sort of bike, but that will cost more and involve some running around.

    Or you can try to contact a US based Yamaha dealer (Aussie dealers will rip you blind). http://www.bsy.com/ is a decent Yamaha parts reseller and I bought quite a bit of kit from them when I had an R1. See what they have kicking around, and what they're prepared to do for you. That will cost the most, but will be "easiest".

    Oh, and there's always EBay for a few items.
  10. Just as a completely "out there" suggestion, you may like to try contacting various race teams, locally and internationally, and see if they have any kicking about. You never know if some team might just have 10 brand new ones sitting in a box from building up race bikes.
  11. why not ask Yamaha? 20 shockers for some stickers on the cars??
  12. I dont think sponsorship is that easy... otherwise everyone would trade stuff for stickers :) i know i would!
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