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i nearly didnt make it home from work today.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zumanity, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. coming around a left corner, following 2 cars with about 3 car lengths distance between me and the car in front, a van suddenly appeared in front of me making a turn into a side road to my left from the opposite direction.

    my foot was on the brake before my brain was comprehending, bike was in a controlled sideways slide and i just managed to miss the rear of the van by 1/2 an inch.

    i sat on the bike at the side of the road for a minute to get myself back to some sort of normality, shaking like a leaf on a windy day.

    she thankfully had turned around and was coming back to see if i was ok....(some people don't) . i walked over to her window and she grabbed my hand and apologized more times than i care to remember.

    i stayed calm and told her to please keep an eye out for bikes at all times as we have a bad enough time on the roads as it is.
    maybe one driver that will take a bit more care in future........

    ive earned my friday night beers tonight. :)
  2. Guess it's gonna be a big one tonight.

  3. haha yeah it feels like it should be having a big one but i gotta look after the kiddlets while the missus is at work........ :(

    a few quiet ones for now will go well though! :cool:
  4. Yeah zumanity, enjoy your beers (I am as I type :wink: )

    I've on been on my L's for a short time and everytime I go out my heart rate picks up a bit and look at every car on the road like they're a loaded bomb!!!

    Tonight's ride was like an obstacle course, past busy schools, buses, Friday night shoppers etc etc.

    Haven't seen any drivers do anything scary YET but I will anticipate and be as ready as possible.

    Ride safe mate
  5. JZA
    yeah thats the best way to view cars i think.

    i really hope you dont end up in a situation yourself at all!!

    take it easy and ride safe mate. :)

    i was actually glad to get the bike home and away.......lol

    it was enough riding for me today!! :grin:
  6. Glad You made it home.
    I use these close calls for the better. When you are home and relaxed, think about what you could be doing to prevent this happening again.
    It's obvious you were in the right, but what good is that if you're injured??
    Try and make yourself seen ( some of these drivers are blind as bats ).
  7. I agree, some need a heap more education in the way of looking out for bikes. I do agree some people ride like knobs and bring it upon themselves but alot dont. It would be good to see some training preparing people for bikes on the roads as part of there car licence tests me thinks...

    Glad ya got home in one peice, be careful out there its a madmans race lol
  8. Cranky

    yep i totally agree that rider awareness from a car point of view should be mandatory in order to get a car license in australia.
  9. What do we do about the guys that see us... and yet still decide to go?

    Happened to me (with missus as pillion, tank bag and ventura bag - so had a bit of weight) on the way down to Rosebud. fcukwit saw me coming, thought about going, stopped.

    Then decided, "Hey, its only a bike. I'm gunna chuck a U-turn in front of him in a 80km/h zone with maybe 25 metres to spare."

    I was already on the brakes without thinking, but a bit too hard that rear locked up and was sliding. I was getting ready for impact and all I heard was FUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK from the missus. Missed the car by about 3/4 of a meter. I didn;t even feel like abusing him... everything was numb.
  10. Not much ...
    I try make myself as visible as possible ( do a little zig-zag if needed), and assume he is gonna pull out, so have brakes covered & ready.
  11. yian

    that numb feeling is the same one i had yesterday
  12. Mate, at least she had the courtesy to come back and apologise.

    Not so much of a nasty story this one, just one that I felt heartened by..

    I was waiting to turn into a carpark today for ages (in the cage), one of those turning lanes whereby you have to wait for space to turn. To make it worse, the driveway is a fairly steep incline so you cant just flatten it, you have to be going over it slowly so's not to smash your front bumper off.

    Anyway I'd been waiting for literally 5 minutes (sit still on the side of the road for 5 minutes and it's a lot longer than it sounds) and every time i'd see a gap, a car would either stick it's indicator on slowing down and closing it, or someone woudl turn out of the side street and close it.

    Anyway, I saw a gap that wasn't the hugest gap but was just enough.. I FLATTENED it across, jammed on the brakes so that I didn't smash my bumper off, then as the front of the car got over the line i flattened it again, basically trying to get across without holding up traffic.

    Well god forbid the guy driving the 4wd that i may have slightly disadvantaged honked at me. I don't take kindly to this when I haven't done anything wrong.

    So basically I went through the carpark and out the other side, at pace, and found him pulling into a carpark, I followed him until he parked, then waited for him behind his car.

    He got out, I'm PUMPED for a verbal or even physical argument.. the conversation goes this way:

    Me: You the one who honked at me back there?
    Him: Yeah..
    Me: Yeah well I was fcukin waiting there for about 5 straight minutes tryin to get across that gap, I didn't hold you up, I didn't waste any fcukin time ey, so why fcukin honk at me!?
    Him: Yeah, ok.. sorry.
    Me: ..... ... ..... Ok well keep your horn to yourself next time, cheers.

    Then i drive off... astonished that he apologised and that (despite the language) I kept a calm and concerned tone.

    My mate that was with me was like "I can't believe he just apologised. Props to that guy." and I was like "yeah... i feel bad for goin' off at him now" lol

    Bottom line, there are some good ones out there.