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I must read the stickies

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BlueRex, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Not sure who is at fault.

    If you know Melbourne i was on Victoria Street in richmond.
    It happened city bound on the Hawthorn side of Church st.

    Traffic was travelling slow so i travelled down the left between the parked cars and the flowing traffic. Next thing i know this guy has turned left in front of me and i have scrapped his passenger front door with my peg.

    Now he said he indicated but i swear i didn't see any indicators....
  2. Is that one of those Melbourne roads where the left lane is for parked cars and traffic - or were you simply passing them on the left (which is illegal)?
  3. No sadly it was not one of those rodes, I thought it was my fault oh well there goes $600 bucks in excess.
  4. I thought Victoria St has 2 lanes each way, just that most of the time there are cars parked in the left lane. During morning and evening peaks while the clearways opperate there are 2 lanes. Don't know what differece that makes though.
  5. I know the area. Sounds like your fault unfortunately, unless you were on a pushie in which case you'd have right of way. You shouldn't have legally been there.

    How much damage was there? Did the peg gouge the door, or was it only a scrape? Might not be worth an insurance claim; see if he's happy to get one or two estimations and do it outside of insurance.
  6. If you were in a seperate lane then the other driver would be in the wrong, as they must give way to the traffic in the lane they are moving into. However, if you were travelling on the left hand side of a single lane, with parked cars on your left and moving traffic on your right, then you are in the wrong for overtaking on the left in a single lane.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.