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I must read the stickies

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by screwball, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys,

    So, some of the worst luck in history struck me last night, and a mate of mine as we were wrapping up our cruise for the evening.

    Upton St in Bundall, near the good guys, we pull up on our little 250's and the conversation goes as following:

    "You off?" "Yeah, gunna head home" "Orrite mate, catchya later"

    We both take off, in the same direction, and we kinda basically just raced to see who could beat the other... no plans, no organization, we just did it because we were both there and it was half past midnight and the road was dead, black and straight.

    So, I get to the other end near the roundabout and my barend drops off (the cap on the end of the throttle) which I just replaced. I stop my mate, tell him, and we go back to look. Found it, found the bolt to hold it on, and we go to take off. His bike stalls, I get off to push start him, then all of a sudden we're surrounded by cops.

    After a painfully ideallist speech about "What gives YOU the RIGHT!" which just went on and on and on, they decided to confiscate the bikes under the "Hoon Act" which is laughable because that's the first "Hoon" thing we did all night.

    The "deadly" danger they cited was "What about the taxi's and limo's pulling in and out of the brothel over there".

    I actually scoffed at the cops, because they were booking us for "tearing up the road" when there was a completely morally deplorable and disgusting business running (in a semi-residential area) just down the road... albeit legally. I mean, since when was prostitution legal?

    Anyway, turns out there were two security guards in QLD Transport that dobbed on us, they came out and gave their version of events which (surprise) actually matched ours. We admitted we did wrong, pointed out that there were MUCH worse places we could have been doing it (Broady carpark for one... i'm so pissed off that I got caught on a back road in the dead of night when all the shitheap commonwhores at the broady can seemingly get away with doing big assed peelouts out the driveway weekend after weekend) and then they sent us on our way, on foot.

    We get the bikes back in 48 hours, and a court date set for a time in the future to plead our case.

    I just hope we get an understanding magistrate.

    And to all those "OMFG YOU SO DESERVE IT" people who are no doubt going to post here, I'm going to offer you this pre-emptive "bugger off" because you know you've done something as meagre in the past, you just didn't get caught.

    Anyway, just wanted to share, and vent really. Peace out!
  2. Bad luck mate. Most of us do push our luck from time to time.
    Cop it on the chin. SFA you can do about it and I dont think a magistrate will be sympathetic regardless of time or location.
    Whats the fine up there for this "anti social" sh!t?
  3. I have no sympathy for you whatsoever.

    If you choose to live in a Police state like Queensland, then what can you expect? :LOL: :p.

    Seriously, what a crock :roll:. Real crimes are being committed on a minute-by-minute basis and these goons have nothing better to do than to harrass a couple of 2-fiddy riders.....
  4. Re: My bike got confiscated!

    Err... no I haven't........, not in residential/semi residential areas, I take it to the empty country roads, or a trackday.

    If you want to post a vent on an open forum, expect replies, even those you don't want to see.

    But having said that, yeah, you were unlucky. I'm guessing that they've had a few complaints about "hoons" around there recently, and you were at the wrong place , wrong time. By going back to find the end weight, you made it look even more like a pair of hoons racing up and down. As a guy living at the end of a "hoon circuit", I can understand the locals getting pissed off.

    If it's your first offense, hope the magistrate sees it that way.
  5. :shock: and you live where? NaziSouthWales?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. You talking about the guys at the brothel :LOL:

    Sorry to hear you lost your bike for a few days ,sounds like you got caught up in the "car hoon" laws .......but what happens if you get caught again.
    You loose the bike for good? :?
  7. We all do the wrong thing from time to time, that's what can make a bike fun.

    I agree the Hoon laws in some states can be used by Police heavy handedly when it suits them. I think these laws need to have prescribed requirements in order to be enforced, not merely left to individual Police to decide what constitutes a severe enough act to enforce the hoon laws.

    That said, you know the hoon laws exist, and you chose to appear to be racing and probably speeding so it's bad luck you got pinched, cop it sweet.
  8. Unlucky.

    All the best for when you front the magistrate Screwball
  9. Re: My bike got confiscated!

    Until some overly sensitive moderator decides that said post(s) need deleting... :cool:
  10. Thanks for the sympathies guys... I accept it was 100% my fault, and I'm prepared to cop it sweet.

    But GODDAMNIT! Why always me :(

    I get the bike back in two days, co-incidentally I've sold it already :p Delivery has been set back a few days.

    I'm buying a car and setting the bike scene back until I've finished college and can afford a track-day, because I do enjoy going fast.
  11. Re: My bike got confiscated!

    It's funny coz it's true!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Pity you didn't have a camera / recorder handy. Showing the judge the actual scene might help indicate the lack of any real threat. The cops also might have behaved better if they knew they were being watched. Good luck with it.. sounds like some twit was bored.
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