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I must read the stickies

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [swifty], Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, got pulled over this morning... calder freeway between the melton rd exit and the keilor park rd exit. Busted for shooting up the emergency lane (yeah i know....) as soon as i saw him, i just knew i'd be stopping... so he pulls me over, and asks for an excuse.... "they wouldnt let me in".... i knew that this really wouldn't work... his reply: "bullsh*t, how many times do you think i've heard that one before?" friendly as cop... rego check...etc etc. (I got off with a warning I believe, as he did not mention any infringements)

    So i asked him "just a question, i won't remember you're name... buuuuut" to which i was promptly told "lanesplitting is illegal". Rather than going blow for blow for the rest of it he pretty much summed it all up as being illegal to pass someone on the left hand side, and if you were on the right you could be done for being too close. Having said that he said that at lights if the traffic is "completely" stationary, that you could scoot up half a dozen cars as long as you "weren't banging mirrors" and at a reasonable speed....

    So i put this out there: Who got done on the Calder Freeway This morning? I saw a maroon tourer pulled over just before the Keilor Park Rd exit, if you're out there how'd ya go?
  2. Re: Police Bike on the Calder

    If you had read the few threads on this topic in the past this is pretty much the answers said. lane filtering (passing on the right hand side of stationary or almost stationary) in the same lane without crossing the line not indicating is legal. Lane splitting which is the act of passing cars whilst they are moving is illegal far as I know from reading up on it. I don't think anything revolutionary was said but as you were in the emergency lane to pass which is illegal full stop as well, you're lucky the cop was nice and didn't book you :)
  3. Yeah, wasn't meant to be revolutionary... more confirmation... i was aiming at letting people who take the calder know that there is/was a cop bike that was actively pulling people over... also was curious if he had booked anyone :D
  4. It is illegal to drive on the left side of the so called Fog line (the left side line on the road).

    I posted a thread about my day at the GOR earlier this year and that is what the driver at fault was charged with by the police officer who attended.

Thread Status:
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