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I must have wronged my mechanic in a previous life: Final

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Tiga, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. So after nearly three and a half months I still haven't got my bike back and there's a big hole in my life which used to be the time I spent on it and on rides :( :(

    I'm the first to admit that I don't know a lot about replacing crank shafts and pistons but surely it shouldn't take this long?

    My mechanic is a one man show so I can see how he would find it hard to find 10 hours straight to work on my bike (that was approx. the time I was quoted). However, I know that the parts came in ages ago and even with a bit of time here of there I would think it could be have been done a while ago. I hate hasseling him (and obviously I'm not very good) but this seriously sucks. He knows I don't need my bike for commuting so I think he keeps moving it to the bottom of his list of things he needs to do.

    Has anyone else had this kind of experience? Any suggestions would be much appreciated 'cause I'm going nuts.
  2. Name and shame, my dear. It's not just that it's taken more time than Noah did building the ark, it's the fact that he's not communicating with you. Victorian version of Consumer Affairs might help too.
  3. you live about 15 minutes from pete the pom, if only you took it too him :(

    3 months is a joke, i would of cracked it after 2 weeks max, time to go have a serious rant and rave.
  4. i think the best thing would be to ask for a specific time/date when it should be finished. don't be vague about it. make sure he sets a date. when your bike is not ready at that time ask why. maybe he had to order in more parts, genuinely spend more time on it. say that you are not happy. see if he can promise another time. if still no delivery then take your bike elsewhere.

    otherwise you may see yourself waiting forever asking is it ready yet? is it ready yet?
  5. tell him he's got a week to finish it or you will take it somewhere else! :evil:
  6. 3.5 months, I would declare war with this gentleman at this point, what a disgrace.
    How can anyone call themselves a mechanic in business to service peoples bikes and its been that long.
    Do not ask or be polite, take a bloke or two with you and go in and retrieve all your parts that you’ve paid for and your bike.
    Tell this fool you will not be needing his sub standard services, and will
    not be paying for any work done as he has cost you alot of stress and
    concern, and if he even utters a word, your bloke friends will know what to do.
  7. I wouldn't get the claws out just yet, it'd be a bit Jekyl and Hyde to flip out all of a sudden after this long. Tell him nicely that he's had it for a hell of a lot longer than you expected and that if he can't get it done in the next 2 weeks that you'll pay him for the parts and take it to someone who can.

  8. Hornet - The shop in question is Bike Barn. I'm a little cautious about naming them because I would like to think there is a legitimate reason why it's been so long and I wouldn't want to damage the reputation of a business if it wasn't deserved. However, I think it's probably fair to say that its currently not a good shop to use for work that take more than a few hours.

    As far as communication goes this is thing that I find odd. My mechanic is very friendly, very talkative and very good at taking the time to explain and show you what's happened to your bike and what needs to be done to fix it. He also made it clear upfront that the repair would take some time because the Aprilia factory closed down during August (Italian summer holidays) and he had a backlog of repairs from that. However, by mid September i was getting the message that the backlog was pretty much clear and my bike would be fixed soon. So I don't get it :?

    Slyfox - You are sooooo right. I really wish I'd got in contact with Pete.

    livingstonest I think your firm deadline plan is a good one and sir_b I agree with you too (plus getting overly agro is not my style). I generally call or see him once a week so I'll drop in tomorrow.... Wish me luck :roll:
  9. Re: I must have wronged my mechanic in a previous life

    Hi ApriliaGirl,

    How come you're replacing the crankshaft & pistons ?. You don't expect
    those things to go in the life of the bike. That must be costing you a packet.

    The thing that would worry me if it was my bike, would be parts going missing.
    That's pretty much a law of the universe with striped assembles.
  10. 3mths? :shock: Thats pathetic & no excuse would be acceptable
    no matter what the job is.

    One fella had my bike for a week once & kept making excuses so
    the following Monday I went to his business & took my bike off him
    & never went back again..
  11. I agree with Kishy.

    It shouldn't matter whether it is your main form of transport or not. YOU are paying for the service. Its not like he is giving you a discount or anything. I he can't handle his work load then he needs to take less work. Its that simple.

    3 months is outrageous. Maybe your motorbike sprayed oil in his face and he has it in his basement for "disciplinary" purposes.

    I think i have been lucky with the old mechanic. Except for the fcuker that put 4 new tyres, 4 new brake pads on that weren't required when all i wanted was an oil change. Maybe he mistook my splendous man boobs for the real deal and thought he could pull a swifty. Come to think of it, he did have interestingly stylish mo'.
  12. I would certainly be demanding the bike be FIXED by the end of the week end of story. Inform him if the bike is not fixed then you will be still be picking it up at the end of the week in whatever state that it's in and taking it to someone who can actually do the work within a reasonable time. I would have personally gone off my nut within 2 weeks, especially if he verbally quoted you a time to when it would be completed to which he should be bound by. He may have experience complications.. but 3.5months is completly ridiculous and he sounds like an incompetent mechanic. :? :eek:
  13. I'm with CodeBlueChick. Give him till the end of the week then go pick it up. Theres absolutely no excuses for that sort of delay.
  14. Sounds like you are gonna have to go and put the pressure on. Don't feel bad about hassling him. It is business. Don't make it personal.
  15. As indicated above, formalise it, by getting a date and write a letter. Then if that still doesn't work.


    This site is good for a vent anyway.
  16. Re: I must have wronged my mechanic in a previous life

    The story behind the crankshaft and pistons is this. I bought my bike in February with only 3,500km on the clock and in what seemed to be perfect condition (although it didn't have service records). The guy selling it said that one of his friends had been killed while riding a bike and his best mate had been put in a wheel chair in a separate accident. As a result he'd lost interest in riding and was selling his bike. I believed him - I mean seriously who would lie about that :?

    The bike ran great until August and then after running badly for a couple of weeks totally shat itself going down the Eastern freeway. Turns out that the guy who owned it before me had run it out of oil. One of the pistons had been replaced but it was left with its original damaged crank shaft so it was only a matter of time until the crank shaft disintergrated and totally f*&#ed the engine in the process. It'll cost me over $3,500 to fix.

    Moral of the story - always insist on service records and if none exist talk to the mechnic who has worked on the bike.

    I still like my bike 'cause when it works it's great but I'm over the people I've had to deal with alone the way - except netriders of course :p :)
  17. jeebuz!!!! $3500 :!: :shock: :!:

    surely you could get a new motor for that money? possibly a new BIKE :?

    i hope you haven't forked anything out to this mechanic yet, cos he sounds like he's ripping you off AND making you wait for the reaming too :LOL:
  18. This is even more serious than first reported; I believe you should be seeking legal advice......
  19. Maybe, but I'm not sure I'd get very far. I think there are two separate issue 1) The guy who sold me the bike lied about its condition and 2) the mechanic who is fixing it is slow.

    Given that there are no written waranties I'm guessing 1) falls in to the category of buyer beware (although this is the one that really annoys me). And 2) is not really a crime?

    Thanks for the links Coconuts. I've got an itemised quote for all the parts so they should be easy to check.