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I must be a ladder magnet

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by g19irdr1, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. The universe must know I need a ladder or something because twice in the last two weeks I've narrowly avoided (once very narrowly) being cleaned up by a ladder flying off the back of a ute. I'm starting to treat utes like taxis and just stay away from them. Seriously how long does it take to make sure your load is secure? Next time this happens I'm going to park up next to the ladder and give the driver something to think about when he comes back.

  2. I cleaned up a ladder on the freeway in my ute$10,000 later my car was fixed, closely followed by a star picket sliding off the top of a tipper, that was great fun -.-
  3. report it. It's an astronomical fine for the driver
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  4. Yes, this is all too common with open utes. In QLD a maximum fine of 2 demerit points and 20 penalty units. A QLD penalty unit is $100 at the moment.

    292 Insecure or overhanging load
    A driver must not drive or tow a vehicle if the vehicle is
    carrying a load that—
    (a) is not properly secured to the vehicle; or
    (b) is placed on the vehicle in a way that causes the vehicle
    to be unstable; or
    (c) projects from the vehicle in a way that is likely to injure
    a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or
    pedestrians, or damage a vehicle or anything else (for
    example, the road surface).
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
  5. Yep I'm always wary of vans with stuff on the roof or utes.

    I've seen some complete moron with paint tins stacked in his ute, enters freeway, some tins fall off, about 5 cars get splashed in paint and 2 lanes are now covered in wet paint and he drives off completely oblivious. Luckily I was in the far left and he was in far right, if my car got hit I'd be fuming.

    I've also seen heaps of badly secured ladders. Just yesterday was riding next to a van with ladders on the roof, stop at red light, his ladder flies forward off the roof and into the intersection. Traffic had to stop to let the idiot pick it up, and he proceeds to just chuck it back on the roof with a 5 second rope tie down job ](*,)
  6. Also be wary of tip trucks. I was coming out of Kurnell and a tip truck came out of the landfill driveway ahead of me on the road and a brick flew out from between the rear dual wheels and flew past me. Shouldn't they check that before they leave ?
  7. further to that, there is also
    293 Removing fallen etc. things from the road
    (1) This section applies to a driver if—
    (a) something falls onto the road from the driver’s vehicle,
    or the driver, or a passenger in or on the driver’s vehicle,
    puts something on the road; and
    (b) there is a possibility that the thing, if left on the road,
    may injure a person, obstruct the path of other drivers or
    pedestrians, or damage a vehicle or anything else (for
    example, the road surface).
    (2) The driver must remove the thing, or take action to have the
    thing removed, from the road as soon as the driver can do so
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
    Examples of things—
    a fallen load, oil, grease, a wheel chock, debris from an accident
    (3) (relates to vehicle collision - irrelevant to current line of discussion)
    (4) In this section—
    put, something onto the road, includes—
    (a) throw, drop or propel the thing onto the road; and
    (b) otherwise cause the thing to be on the road.
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