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I miss my suzy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kaspa, May 10, 2011.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Even though my current bike fulfills my everyday needs im starting to realize there is more to motorcycling than performance and practicality.
    A brand new bike is nice but it doesnt seem to stir the soul like an old one can.
    I miss my old suzuki, maybe because it was my first bike.. not sure but there is a growing need for... something.
    Something with chrome,
    Something classic,
    Something with four cylinders,
    Something with no plastic,
    Something sporty,

    But what??
  2. Buy a harley
  3. nyaw schnookums!!!

    buy my bike; then you will appreciate fully every other bike you've ever had. :D
  4. I had an '08 GSXF650 that I bought brand new and it was (I'm sure still is) an awesome bike.
    My '99 ZZR gives me something that the GSXF didn't. It gives me that something that neither you or I can put our fingers on.
    It's almost like the bike develops an individual personality that grows/matures with every Km that goes onto the clock.

    I don't know what it is, but I'm hearing you anyway.

    (I gotta stop smokin' 8-[)
  5. I had the same bike as you for my learners (gsf250v also one with the red cover making it VVT and the aussie model)

    I went straight to a r6 - Also wished I had kept the 250 and done more convincing on the missus to get her licence (great bike to learn on and would of meant I could of ridden it from time to time as I loved scraping the pegs all over the place on that 250 it was fun and predictable, and went to 180 which aint bad for a 250 either) - sorry to rub in your loss lols (now im sad too on my loss hahhha)
  6. You mean buy two harleys... :)
  7. Only had a little bit of plastic :grin:
  8. kawasaki zrx1100
  9. Yeah sorry, missed that - ok buy 2 harleys then :p
  10. It's a love story.

    Both bikes above are nice but i'm not a fan of full cradle frames/dual shock rears.
    A Harley is out of the question.

    There must be something that fits the bill.
  11. I would say lots of remedial therapy.

    And pornography to balance it out.
  12. Ha, the lighter side of having issues.
  13. I take it back - one of these Harleys would fit the bill... :)
  14. I'm a sucker for shiney chrome too :) Perhaps an old CB750?

  15. Interesting.. high tech Harleys.. in the 70's!
    135hp back then would have been pretty wild too.