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I miss my bike..... :-(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. I dont know if this happens to anyone else. I am currently overseas and my bike is sitting in melb in a garage waiting for me to return and ride her.... I am here sitting in thailand with no other type of transport than taxi and tains... I sit here thinking if I had my bike here I can almost go anywhere I like. but the weather is abit too hot to ride here.

    Now I just sit here and ride her (my bike) in my head. Ill b back there in two weeks time to ride her again.. I miss her too much... Didnt think ill miss her this much when I left her in that garage.... :(

  2. Hire one, it cant be too hot to ride wat u talkin about
  3. Glad your boogie board made it through customs! :LOL:

    NR's can share her around if you like. Where's the keys?
  4. I wish the net was more "interactive" so I could reach through the screen, and biatch slap you...twice!

    1. You're in Thailand! The majority of us are freezing our arses off. Stop bloody complaining!

    2. Depending on what part of LOS you're in, hire one! (Not an option for BKK, unfortunately, unless you don't value your life).

  5. Poor bugger me lapping it up on the beaches in Thailand, mate I'm stuck in the office after riding into work in 6 degrees and pissing down with rain!

    Wanna swap? :grin:
  6. as i said in a previous post, where all conected to our bikes in one way or another, its a passion and a sport we all love and my god i sound religious lol!!! ! i miss riding my bike, its out of action at the momment and im trying to find parts, but i totally agree with ur post
  7. Go outside and hire your self a toc toc... go try to do a couple of monos on that then tell the owner to hook u up with one of his mates with a normal bike that you want to hire for the day....In thailand everything is possible with alittle cash.....that is ANYTHING is possible....Hire a bike for the day and ride...... :wink: