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I miss my bike.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grunge, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Urrgh. I wish it'd come back from repairs soon!!!! OMG SOOOOON!!!!

    I miss you kagemaru!!!!

    At least I know it's going to come back looking spiffy and brand new. :]

  2. How much longer, do you reckon?
  3. Should be some time this week.. I'm hoping... then I have to start looking at getting a new helmet.

    Another reason to visit that cute grrl @ Redwing. :p
  4. I sympathise :p
    your baby will be back soon :)
  5. Is that the reason why our suburb has been so quiet lately... :LOL:
    just kidding...

    I am sure you will get it back soon...

    What about the jacket? New as well?
  6. Dude, i'm feelin ya! I'm in the same bind! Big end bearing, cheers!
  7. Yes going mad here too, parts on b/order and they are talking a month!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
    I didn't realize how much I would actually miss the bike but now I do, going crazzzzzzzzzzzzy wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy.
  8. Yeah.. it'll be back soon.
  9. I totally feel 4U! At least you know it'll be ready soon, I just sold my bike 3weeks ago (ready 4my first up grade, great time to sell) shit time to wanna buy, as soon as the sun came all the seconds I like were gone or ova priced!. Summer's comming & I'm bikeless.... :nopity:
  10. Well.. you guys can feel for me more.

    I just bloody well crashed my car into the back of someone else's today on the way to watch a movie!!! URRRRGGGH!!!

    It wasn't even drivable.
    It's like, this is not my month for me and money, and transport of sorts.

    I'd better avoid riding my pushbike. I betcha I'd crash it or fall off it or something too.


    Ah well.. the only way is up!
  11. wasn't you that knocked my bike over was it?
    (joking i now you're in another state :))

    I'm about to go through all the repair stuff myself :(
  12. Yeah.

    I'm still gonna go avoid riding my pushbike tho'. :p

    And rollerblades/skates/skateboard.

    Anything that doesn't involve my legs to move. I'll avoid..
  13. Andy, sorry to hear about the bad news.. yeah, looks like it's not your month.. just one more day to december.. better luck then...
  14. Feeling you with the missing of the bike & the horrible luck!
  15. You musta pissed off the good man up stairs or stood up the lady down stairs! Public transport out this way... "oh the calamity".
    At least you'll get to trim up for summer :LOL:
    Hope you get back on the road soon, mayb you should ask someone to put a protection symbol around you.. or sumfin!
  16. Damn dog day afternoon hey?

    i was thinking... somebody's missing from movie last night.
    I hope you got to see Borat and still had a few laughs.

    as you say only way is up.

    Hope you get your bike back soon.