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I met the TEAM NR today.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by munecito, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. Good to have the opportunity to see the ugly mugs of Mouth and Vic and the nice face of their companion at the expo.

    Didn't buy anything this year.

    Cheers guys for this nice forum and hope to see you again soon here in Sydney or there in Melbourne.

    Will (I got called a chilean too :? )
  2. i saw them too, GOD THEY'RE UGLY!! you know i was warned but FCUK ME!!! my friends and i couldnt stop going on about how a bunch o people could be so god damn ugly!

    they're like a science project just waiting to be experimented on!

    sheeesh! keep em away from CSIRO

    just kidding! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    or am i?

    good to meet you guys, we had a great time. did u get to meet my friends or were they hiding behind my nose? :LOL:

    congrats, on netrider!! dont change a thing!
  3. don't worry, most of us mods are the essence of adonis, and well above your standards for attractiveness. we make up for where the admins lack :shock: :p
    no?? ok :(
  4. :LOL: MATE, my ARSE makes up for what the admins lack :grin:
  5. well, from what i see, you need to eat a few more burgers for your arse to make any REAL contribution ;) :p
    pffft, lightweights! :LOL:
  6. nah nah joel, i was talking about the brown pretty part. i guess i should have said 'arse hole' but then everyone would probably think i was talking about some guy

    cheers :cool:
  7. Hahaha .. Steve will be happy to know you find him 'nice' :LOL:

    Rest assured we have a far better mug for you all ... Stacey McMahon hung around for a few hours today helping out and signed a exclusive calendar of hers for us :)
  8. My my :shock: she is ugly isnt she :LOL:
  9. Vic and Mouth; the Netrider chick magnets :LOL:.
  10. Just to stir the shit.....I noticed the placards you had up had the most recent 15 posts section... :bolt:
  11. who was the lady?? weird thing was i go look at the motorbikes and people ask me questions about my tats.. so no time 4 bike talk
  12. Very funny Mouth. I was talking about the lady in the stand. I did't aks her name.

  13. wow stacey! what a dog! :LOL:
  14. Stacey McMahon. Wow she's er not too hard on the eyes eh? =P~
  15. I couldn't find her results from the GP meeting at Philip Island; did she do alright? {I mean out on the track, like, racing, you know :LOL:?}
  16. Errr, not really from memory she finished last.
  17. OH MY GOD SHE FINNISHED!!???!!??

    woe! she's going to be the next big thing in racing. she must have worked v hard and been given heaps of great tips

    good work woman!

    ya first year o riding and you out road most of us

  18. You mean THIS Stacy ? :twisted: :LOL:


    or without my ugly mug in the pic :p

  19. had a chat with her at broadford . she was riding her little 125 race bike, was going alright by the looks of it too. but i did see her without makeup :p .

    hot body but a whole heap of photo-shopping involved.

    dosent ride on the road either, thinks its too dangerous

    oh well...
  20. There's No photo-shopping in those pic's of mine. :evil: