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I met someone famous today!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Okay, riding along today, going to my dads house... I see this car and it looks like it's bogged or something with this man next to it.

    So, 100 metres up the road, I'm like, what the heck, I've got time, I turn around and ask this guy if he needs a hand. He looks familiar...

    He didn't need any help, he was just pulling out fence posts, as it were.

    He commented on my bike, said his team mate rode one and loved it...

    "Team mate?"

    "How old are you?" he asks

    "Oh, I'm twenty."

    "Well, you probably might not have heard of me... You've heard of Wayne Gardner?"

    "Haha, yeah mate, of course I have."

    "Yeah? Well my name is Dave _______ ... I used to race with Wayne Gardner"

    (okay, I've forgotten his last name... I don't know how, but I did!! WHAT THE!?!?!? I have read about him before...)

    Anywho, turns out that he really appreciated me stopping, and guess what? Go on.. guess!!!

    He said next time I see him (next weekend, he'll be there again as he lives next door and just down the road...) - he wants me to have his leathers!!!! His full piece leathers!!!

    Omg omg omg. I was like "Are you for real?????"

    He just said that he was really appreciative of me stopping, said that he's not going to ride again after his last crash, and that he wanted me to have them!!!!

    So, that was awesome :D

    Oh, and saw that guy... Lleyton Hewitt and his kid at woolies the other night, and then the next day I saw that chick from Kath and Kim. The skinny one with the blonde curly hair. She sat next to me at the train station.

    So yeah, there we go :)


    (oh, if you know his last name, please tell me! it's slipped my mind, and it's killing me! also the fact that the mag it was in was thrown out 2 weeks ago!!! :cry: )
  2. well there you go - one good deed returned with another!
  3. Yeah, it was a good feeling :)

    Why you have an "ignore this link" thing in your nick? :p
  4. have you clicked it?
  5. Of course :p

    Bloody invalid-ness.

    Haha I've actually clicked it twice lol DOH
  6. hehe, nice link couldn't help it after u talked about it
    thats an awesome story bout karma soz can't help with name right now but i will look in my father in laws 1989 GP program
  7. oh thanks so much :D
  8. I should know, shouldn't I? I can think of three Daves from WG's era, but two of them are dead. The living one is Dave Burgess?
  9. I really think that's him :D I'll look him up
    thank you thank you thank you
  10. I photographed WG's first ever road race, and helped him promote his career when no-one except his family and Kevin Cass knew he existed :wink:.
  11. Wow!!!
  12. Awesome story! Karma FTW :D