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I met royalty today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. So here I am sitting in a food court in a town north of sydney enjoying my subway, i look to my left as 2 people walk past with nolan helmets in casey stoner graphics. They sit across from me and I don't take much more notice, until the guy turns around.... it is casey stoner himself!

    Top guy, i got a photo with him that Adriana took.

    That is all!

  2. :-O AWESOME!!!!!!! "in a town north of sydney" ... where exactly? :S why not be specific?
  3. it has a Subway; that narrows it down to about 700 places :LOL:.
  4. it was in the newcastle area

    I didnt know this but he grew up in kurri kurri, I guess he is back visiting given the gp has been cancelled
  5. I can't think of a decent joke.
  6. I can; how did he hope to get a kurri at Subway???
  7. pic or its all a lie :)
  8. Will I get smacked if I admit that I had to Google who this guy was? :eek:
  9. :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
  10. I'm speechless ........

  11. come here and bend over my knee [-(
  12. Halifax,
    Must have been an awesome moment for ya mate !

    Erm...I guess you'll never forget who he is from now on :)
  13. Dont worry, your not alone...
  14. For seriousness...??? :-s
  15. Yeah i ran into him a few times up this way.
    This whole "area north of sydney" stuff :p is huge into dirt bikes. Several bike stores and 90% of stock is geared at motocross.
  16. Ahh... wouldnt matter!
  17. So stoner had his picture taken with you and you didn't get one yourself? Did u sign it for him?
  18. :rofl:

    Motorcycle forum fail! You are fast becoming my favourite n00b! :LOL:
  19. Hahaha I reckon!