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I messed up... Need help!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by WowlTurkey, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. OK, so I took the day off to start fixing my bike up, today all i really had to do is remove the front fairing, windscreen and replace the right handle bar... Seemed pretty simple I thought!!!

    So i removed the front fairing and windscreen and took a good look at what I had to do to get the right handlebar off. Triple clamp had to come off etc etc, seemed pretty simple.

    Considering I'm a complete fcuk up, please don't take it out on me too much haha

    I unscrewed the top caps above the suspension forks, on either side of the triple clamp...

    Well, first i unscrewed the right one, and some cylinder in the fork sprung out.... Didn't look right so i put the cap back on... but it seemed to go on pretty easy, so i thought nothing of it, and took both off (HAHAHA) only problem is, both cylinders are now out, the front of the bike has dropped about 1/2 a foot and i can't get the sucker caps back on.... don't worry, I now know i DIDN'T have to take them off in the first place

    How do I get them back on? heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
  2. :rofl: :rofl: LMAO!

    Dude you just made my day :cool:

    Any netriders in Sydney can help this bloke out? It's a good opportunity for a Spanner Night on Fork rebuilds.

  3. LOL


  4. Ahaha - you poor bastard! Sorry, but that made my day too - I can see your shock and horror.

    You need someone with the right tools and know-how, but it's easy enough to fix up. Anyone help this poor sucker out?

  5. I figure i need some way of compressing the springs??? I tried to jack it up on a car jack today but seemed much more like a 2-man job!!!
  6. Special tool required.

    "This looks complicated. Better get a bigger hammer."
  7. can you get this special tool from a local hardware store??? is it pricey? does it have a name?
  8. Here, have a read. It'll give you an idea of what's required.

    This one has photos.

    Then read this one

    Good luck
  9. To compress them, I've heard using the car jack but flat on the ground in a door-frame works.

    Careful not to damage the door-frame if you're renting...
  10. You nong.

    No need for any 'special tools,' just a few spanners. Here's how to fix:

    1) Brake calipers off
    2) Axle out and front wheel off (lay any spacers out in the right order on the right side so you don't root it all up when you go to put it back on)
    3) Front mudguard off
    4) loosen both forks in their triple clamps and remove one at a time (make sure the caps are on, otherwise you'll spill the oil)
    5) put the spacer cylinders back in the forks. They're there to preload the spring.
    6) with the bottom of the fork on the ground, hold the top tube as far up as it will go, then press your bodyweight down on your palm on top of the fork cap. This can take a fair bit of a push, but you'll get it. Force the spring down and pull the tube up until you can get the cap to screw in.
    7) Stick the forks back in, plonk the guard, wheel and brakes back on.

    It might sound a bit scary but all the steps are fairly easy with front wheel and fork removal. Give it a shot.
  11. Just get the front end off the ground, and reassemle it. Do it with a lot more care than you have so far.
  12. Actually yeah that's probably easier. It didn't occur to me that he didn't have the front end already elevated.
  13. yeah, no biggie, no special tools required. do the fork oil while you're there.
    If you haven't got it sorted by Feb (when I return to Shitney next) I'll do it for nothing.
  14. shit, all this just to change a handlebar haha i'll be more careful next time... I'll give it a shot tomorrow i guess... just need something to elevate the front! Can anyone lend me a front stand?? :oops:
  15. Use a car jack and some bricks mate
  16. Get your friends over. You will need both of them, though............
  17. <applause>
  18. i would but one is busy
  19. You are in strife, mate.
  20. I had to laff, are you sure you are not blonde lol ?? (ignore that remark) Good luck, I feel for you buddy. I wouldn't even attempt such a job so my hat is off to you for starters, at least you are having a go. Keep us posted (and amused). I need a laff, my life is crap at the moment.