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I may not be young but still a Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MadDog, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Well Just turned 41 and as a birthday present I bought myself a new CBR500R......must an early onset of 'mid-life crisis';).
    The thing is I don't even have a license yet, although I'm booked in for the pre-learner course next week followed by the knowledge test. If it all goes to plan, I'll be picking the bike up from the dealers straight after.
    I had a bike and license in my late teens (in Europe) but never converted the license to OZ....silly me. I think the last time I rode was about 10 years ago and that was a mates 650 Katana with a bad 2 gear....I'm hoping I have retained at least some of the riding skills, otherwise it will be an interesting ride down Parramatta road:eek:

    But anyway, I just though I would introduce myself.
    I will probably bump (hopefully not literally) into to some of you at the Sydney learner sessions.

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  2. Good luck MadDogMadDog. I am a late bloomer myself, having not ridden for (ahem) 30 years and then getting my L's and then P's at the ripe old age of 46. So welcome to NR, hope you enjoy
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  3. Welcome MadDog, I got a CBR500R in December, great bike and easy to ride
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  4. Aah I thought I recognized your username--Pooface. you are on the CBR rider forum as well ?
  5. G'day MikkoMikko, welcome to Netrider. Your Honda CBR500R is of the popular can't-go-wrong choices; they're an excellent bike. Good luck with the pre-Learner course and let us know how you go.
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  6. Correct :)
  7. Just goes to show that none of us are so old that we're old enough to know better.

    Welcome mate!
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  8. welcome aboard :) congrats on the bike good luck for the Ls
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  9. G'day MadDog, great bike, I bought mine 18 months ago (I turned 50 last September) and have found it to be an excellent all rounder. Great for commuting, touring weekends and day trips through the twisties (that you'll get to know soon). Take care out there, cheers, Fred. 29Dec15 (1).
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  10. Welcome MadDog! You'll do awesome on the test! I managed to pass and I hadn't even touched a bike before then~ Sweet looking bike, going to have some good adventures on it!
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  11. Thanks for all your replies, I'll keep you posted on my progress and I'll try to post some photos of the bike once I actually have it in my possession.
    .....7 days....but who's counting anyway!

    Nice bike Mudfrog, you have certainly added lots of mods. what are those things on front of you mirrors? spot lights? and what is that red button shown below the handlebars? silent mode? turbo boost? :p
  12. Welcome mate, there is no old age when riding a motorbike :D
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  13. My man! Nice choice if I do say so myself. What color? I went the grey model and LOVE IT! Definitely post come pics when you get it.

    Welcome to the forum!


    How is that exhaust? I have been thinking of changing mine but I am hesitant because I am worried about having the noise just become a drone when riding on the freeway for 100kms.
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  14. Thanks mpfprocess
    I went with a black. they had a choice of red as well. it was a hard choice, I almost flipped a coin. In the end I chose the black as I believe it is more common colour and therefore it might make it easier to sell in the future.
    I do wish the grey one like your was available as that looks awesome. Not sure the grey was an option in 2015.
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  15. Definitely have Grey in the 2015, mine is a 2015 model haha. But I have heard from a few people that there dealership didn't have grey, only black and red. I couldn't decide between black and grey so when they said 2 weeks wait on black or tomorrow on grey my decision was made for me :)
  16. well there we go, everyday is a school day!

    it's funny though, when I first visited the dealer, I sat on a red one and made some pretend riding moves and sounds..pushed buttons and played with the levers. I was all keen for the red one. got home and started looking pictures and whatnot and changed my mind ...called the dealer and said ''please Sir, can I have the black one instead.''
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  17. #17 Mudfrog, Jan 16, 2016
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 18, 2016
    Driving Lights (1). Driving Lights (2).
    Thanks for the nod to the bike. Yep, you guessed it - driving lights ! These are from Snake Racing, they are Rigid Industries 3000 Lumens each, drawing a total of 34 watts at 12 volts (specs from brochure). Beam length is about 800 metres. I can't tell you what the RED button does, I have to keep some secrets for myself...

    The IXIL Hyperlow exhaust is great, I shift confidently now because I know what gear I am in, I can hear it... instead of just going by the tacho. It is loudest in 2 and 3rd but at 90 and above, it isn't a bother to me at all. I get lots of positive comments from other riders on group rides about how great it sounds too. I purchased through Screamin' Demon in Perth.

    Pictures do not do the HONDA Grey colour any justice - in person it looks bloody fantastic !, cheers, Fred :)
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  18. Welcome to NR..

    Noice Boike..

  19. Bloody H*ll, they'll see you coming!!

    Oh Come on Man...you got me intrigued now! :pompous:
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  20. Me too.

    Pics or the 'Red Button' cred is no longer.