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I made a boo boo

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by UDLOSE, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Today after an old pac ride I was riding back down Penant Hills Rd and the traffic was pretty shitty as usual. I was in the middle lane and the traffic started slowing and the left lane was clear, I slowly started chaning lanes. As I was changing a car came darting across to the left lane from behind me (ie would have cut me off) so I was looking over my shoulder to check the gap, the car slowed to let me in, look forward and the car infront had just slammed on his brakes, but luckily hadn't come to a complete stop at that point. I didn't quite have enough room..

    It was a 4wd (subaru forrester) and my headlight hit his rear bumper under the tail light (so in the extreme left rear corner). I seriously barely felt the impact. I had my girlfriend on the back and we stayed on and kept moving, my feet didn't even come off the pegs. I went passed him and stopped down the road to exchange details etc.

    What's amazing is that I didn't panic at all, I was just thinking "I can't FK'n believe this!" and more amazingly the Triumph sustained no damage what so ever. The headlight took the impact and it didn't even crack. Its just got some white paint in places on it from the 4WD, nothing a little bit of touch up paint and polish won't fix. The 4WD's bumper was caved in like crazy but I guess thats what cushioned the impact.

    The old bloke was pretty cool about it, we were both apologising profusely to each other the whole time. Obviously I'm legally responsible for what happened but I think he was partly to blame (for slamming on the anchors instead of seeing what's ahead and gradually slowing down) and he knows it he just rung me up again making sure that we're ok and apologising just then. I don't want anyone to take this as me pointing the finger at the old bloke, I'm not, I have no anger towards him what so ever, he was just driving how 90% of people in Sydney drive, it's my job as a rider to expect that.

    I think there were 3 main factors in what caused me to hit the 4WD. The first which started the whole mess was that the car in front was a 4WD which meant that I couldn't properly see past it to read the traffic ahead, all I could tell was that the traffic was gradually slowing down about 800m from the nearest lights.
    The second factor being the douche that tore out from behind me into the lane that I was in the process of moving into (yes I had my blinker on). His actions caused me to spend too much time looking at what he's doing instead of watching for the cars infront to stopping suddenly.
    The thrid factor was me. I was a little fatigued from waking up early and I'd just done a decent high paced ride so I was pretty worn out.

    How could I have avoided it? Very easily, when the asshat pulled out behind me to mug me for my lane I should have aborted the lane change and waited patiently.

    I think I'm going to avoid putting this through insurance. I've got full comp, but since my bike doesn't need repairing and I have a 2 grand excess I think it's just worth paying the repair bill. I can't see it being more than 2 grand (it's only the colour coded plastic rear bumper on the 4WD), but even if it's slightly more it's probably better than putting through a claim because its hard enough to get insurance as it is with a few suspensions on my driving record.

    I'm not looking for sympathy here, I repeat that it was my fault, I just want to share my story.:-({|=

  2. IMO, the ride home from the twisties is always the most dangerous one.
  3. Glad you and Andrea are OK mate.

    Good too that the other guy was a gentleman about it all.

    Fun Ha!
  4. Marty,
    Good to see you and Andrea where ok, So how was old pac anyway had it dried up? It was bloody wet when we where coming back.

    Cheers Paul.
  5. First thing I got taught whenever I get into an accident with another vehicle IS NEVER APOLOGIZE AND NEVER ADMIT ITS YOUR FAULT :).

    Sorry about your boo boo and glad you two are safe and uninjured which is the most important thing.
  6. When you are clearly in the wrong, ie running up the back of someone, A sincere apology and a preparedness to get things sorted quick can go a long way to making the process quicker and more painless on you both.
    So on that i'd say udlose did very well. Glad you both came out of it unscathed and the bike undamaged and ready to roll on
  7. I never straight out admitted that it was my fault but I figured that nothing good could come from treating the guy like a prick after I stuffed up. When one vehicle hits another nose to tail its pretty black and white as far as the law. The poor guy was a bit rattled it he thought we'd been splattered all over his car. This is such a minor accident that I don't think it's worth employing any sneeky tactics. The worst scenario is that I make a claim on my insurance and the best is that it's cheap to repair and I pay for the repair.

    I just feel like such a bloody idiot that this happened. The minor damage and the fact that we didn't fall off the bike speaks to how minor the accident was. I've only ever been in one accident in a car where an uninsured goose crashed into me in his fooly sick civic about 6 years ago. I've never had a bike accident so this is really weird for me. It wasn't really an off which is strange, i never really thought you could smash a bike and not fall off.. but I'm still puzzled as to how I kept the bike upright and moving :s

    I had a closer look at the damage. The white paint on the fairings just rubbed off with my finger but the headlight is scratched up pretty bad, maybe it could be buffed? I can't get over how well the bike came out of it.
  8. :newb: :grin:
  9. Yes, or you could just act like a decent human being...
  10. Like I said thats what "I got taught" doesnt mean I use it on all circumstances but it is something I think about whenever I do get into an accident. For those not so black and white accidents its better for the police or insurance to duke it out, after all they are the experts not me.

    Acting like a decent human being all the time is a bad idea in western sydney, you need to have a healthy cynicism about ya, if you dont then be prepared to be taken for a ride, ive already had this happen to me once...never again [-(, its not fun when the girl you crashed with recommends a mechanic and both girl/mechanic shut up shop taking your car for a joy ride with 26 infringements in under 6 months.
  11. I'm not sure decent and sensible are mutually exclusive.
  12. I hear what your staying mate. You've got to use your discretion at the time. If the guy was a crazy bogan in a ute he'd probably have jumped out swinging and abusing me with threats etc. I would have been alot more stand-of-ish if that was the case.
  13. There is case law that states a sincere apology and condolences without admission of fault, is not, an admission of fault on its own, however, it is assessed on a case by case basis.
  14. Bummer about the accident and it's great to hear you're both OK.

    New shape or old shape Suby? I've have a new shape (and had an older shape one) and in both cases the bumpers are pretty much non repairable. In the new one I can push it in by hand, on the old one it was harder to damage but pretty much non repairable. But, from memory, they weren't horrendously expensive and might even come from the factory colour matched (otherwise they need painting and matching here).

    I've read somewhere that there's a very disturbing amount of accidents that happen within a few km's from home, it's where we feel safest, or, as in your case, tired after a day out.
  15. Thanks mate. I think it was the new shape. The bumper must be soft as dog sh1t because my plastic headlight didn't even crack but the bumper looks like it's been bashed in with a sledge hammer.
  16. Here's the damage to my bike.
  17. I think you're right about the patience thing; because we CAN we tend to take the gap, change the lane, get into clear air, etc, but sometimes we think back after a near-miss and think, "That wouldn't have happened if I had waited". Glad to hear the gentleman in the car is being a gentleman about it.
  18. That headlight is pretty scratched up. You may need to replace it, if light shines off in all directions.

    More importantly, the brackets underneath made be bent or moved. I would be checking that out carefully.

    Happy to hear you didn't come off. Amazed you managed to clip his bumper with your headlight and not hit anything else on the bike, or your leg, especially when doing a lane change to the left, possibly with a slight lean to the left at the time of impact. Well done, very lucky, or both!
  19. good work on avoiding a messy situation
    just a heads up, if you dont put a claim in coz yr damage is not major, but the other guy does, you will have to foot the bill on yr own for his repairs as yr insurance company wont be involved since you never lodged the claim
    hopefully the combined damage is less than yr excess
  20. Yeh I'll replace my headlight if it doesn't clean up alright. It's only the high beam side luckily. I think I brushed the car with my elbow or shoulder but it didn't hurt or phase me. I literally swiped across the bar at 45 degrees. I think I was going too slow to be even leaning.

    Old mate is getting 2 quotes this week so once I receive them I'll decide weather to put in a claim or just pay the bill.

    This is frustrating because I'm just about to sell the damn bike!