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I made a big 'boo-boo' with a lams-approved bike..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JJOSH, May 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi all first time in a forum.. I got my learners last saturday... All is well ... Until I got bike shopping... Took all the necesary percautions with the purchase of my muched loved sv 650s 2000 model LAMS check..vic roads check.. Insurance check all is good until i go for the roadworthy and just mention to the mechanic that i have to get it detuned for lams his reply was "HMMMMM well thats a tricky one"... As far as i can find out from suzuki and others in the know is the only lams approved zook sv650s is the 2009 model and the best advice they can give is too just buy a new one.... cheers all see you on the tar (soonish) :( :(

  2. and a cheery welcome to you too :)

    I took the liberty of editing your thread title down to lower case; please consult the Terms and Conditions before posting???

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  3. Thats a bummer mate, if you like i can keep it warm for you while you get something legal.
  4. Welcome.

    Yes, thats a pretty nasty mistake :( And yup you're right, nothing you can do to make that LAMS, only the restricted models (only available from 2009) are lams approved.

    On the upside, they are fantastic bikes and yours looks to be in top condition. I had an 02 model and will likely get another SV down the line.
  5. I'll give you $1500 to go towards a new one.... and you give me the keys to the one you've got now :grin: :grin:

  6. my bid $1700
  7. That bike is in great condition! If you have some spare cash lying around maybe you should buy a cheap 250 or something till you can ride the SV... It would be a shame to lose that bike.
  8. Don't worry about these piss takers mate

  9. nEtrider-bay :rofl:
  10. Sorry to hear! If it were me and I already had enough experience under my belt to consider an accident an unlikely risk, I'd just ride it, but you're a learner and the chances are that, as the sort of learner who went straight for a bike like this, you're the sort also who'll crash it (that's not a value judgement on you, simply an observation a lot of learners who go for sports bikes do so because of what attracts them to riding, and that same thing makes a crash musch more likely), in which case insurance matters a lot. Did you buy it from a shop or privately? If private, then you should be able to get your money back if you choose to sell it. If from a shop, maybe you can do some pleading to get something else and not lose too much... If the LAMS difference were available on older bikes than 2009, you could try to find the appriapriate parts at a Wreckers. I assume they're too expensive new?

    Sounds like you might have to buy an $1800 GPX250, and ride it for 15months (assuming you can get your Ps in three month's time). At least you'll be smashing, trashing and thrashing the hack bike and then when you get back to your Suzi you'll be capable of treating her the way she deserves - ie not trashing the gear box and revving badly as I see some learner's do as they ride past (on their new, not-yet-run-in bikes :shock:)
  11. sell it for $1(just charge $10k for postage)
  12. Wasn't there a thread about detuning? Its probably possible, but there would hassle of all the paperwork and inspections...

    if you do end up selling.... well ill trade you for a VTR250? :)

    EDIT: seems it WAS possible, but no longer(RR motorcycles in sydney did it?)
  13. +50. keep it in the garage and get a beater (if you can). time spent on the beater will be worth it when you unveil the highly polished and immaculately detailed SV you have been prepping.
  14. Lol i got ur solution

    go to a wrecker buy a 2009 frame. swap over everything. and bam u got ureself a legaly lams SV

    and u get ur money back on resale cause the bike is 9 years younger.

    Thats assuming the SV hasnt changed in 9 years.
  15. Yeah, "just" change the frame out... doesn't sound like too much work! Interesting idea though, not quite the definition of 're-birthing' but not far off! :wink: They must have done something different in the engine to enable detuning/restricting to get under the power/weight requirements, so better get an 09 engine with the frame...

    I think the cheap 250 option while you polish the bejeesus out of that very nice looking SV (a good get, by the looks of things, and they are great bikes for a first upgrade anyhoo) is the way to go.

    Maybe consider disabling it somehow (like removing and throwing away the spark plugs) so you can't be tempted to "just take it around the block" without having to go through a bit of a hassle which will hopefully give you time to think better of it! That's a big blue chunk of temptation sitting there for a year and a half!
  16. What were you told before you bought it????

    At first you suggest that you'd been assured of its LAMS status, but then you suggest knowing it wasn't LAMS approved because you asked to have it detuned.

    Did the seller tell you it was LAMS approved or that it could be detuned to qualify it for LAMS approval?

    If the seller was a shop and told you either of those things you'd have every right to ask for your money back as they would have made false claims about the bike that directly related to it being fit for it's intended purpose.

    If you bought it privately you're probably stuck with it and a lesson learned about doing some research before making big purchaces. :)
  17. firstly. either way its a sh_t happens situation so dont let it get to you. and its a fine looking ride.
    too true. if its a shop you could get your $ back but if its a good thing then maybe keeping it (as it appears not to have been that expensive) could be a non hassle approach..(you could still report them) if its a private sale, give yourself a few uppercuts. maybe leave the plugs in as you will want to turn it over every week or so to keep it happy. just give the key to the padlock that is on the chain from thte bike to the wall to someone who wont give it back unless they are there watching you do something that requires the chain to be removed.
    now...for that uppercut..

  18. Not a bad idea.. I recently puchased a 1976 Suzuki TC100 trail bike that wasn't all that far off roadworthy for the grand sum of $137.50. (ebay)
    She needs a damn good clean up and some TLC but it runs fine.
    The bargains are out there if you look hard and are you're willing to do a lot of the work.
  19. Right a couple of options.

    If you want to have it LAMS approved, consult VicRoads and find out if it is possible to have it approved as LAMS legal after inspection and verification that it meets the power to weight restrictions.

    If it does, get on SV650.org (brit site) and see if anyone has a set of carb internals that they have sitting around that restricts the SV to 33hp. That ought to satisfy the power to weight ratio.

    The other option is that you hang onto the SV and keep it as a project until you are able to legally ride it, getting around on a 250 in the mean-time. You could spend the time while it is off the road saving for things like some suspension work, bling bits etc.
  20. Track Bike. At least you'll still be riding it.
    Spring a bit more for a 250 for a while and you'll get your money back and have great experience under your belt.
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