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i m back :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by imamonsta, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. hello everyone, especially the old crew. grobert, deb, firefling, mathey.. sht i forgot the others i apoligise. but the good news is that i m back. this time i changed bike is well, well not exactelly, i mean i am still in the duke but yellow this time 748sp :D
    r u meeting still in the same place in southbank?
    catchyaa soon.

  2. hey old timer good to see you haveny forgotten us .
    still meeting same place same time .
    cu then
  3. November '03, man that IS a long time ago!
    Hope it doesn't take long for you to shake off the newbie label, welcome.
  4. OMFG he's back !

    about bloody time too , and yes coffee is still same BAT TIME same BAT CHANNEL

    But how could you forget me ? :evil:

    :LOL: :p :LOL:
  5. Welcome back.

    :D :D
  6. I haven't got a clue who you are, but welcome back anyway! :LOL: :wink: :LOL:
  7. Hey Ari, welcome back!!!!
    You have done it again tho, sold a duke without telling me :|
    I prefer the yellow tho. I hope to see you at coffee soon, failing that, you know where HQ is if you ever wanna call in.
  8. Hey welcome back Ari......Thought you were going back to the monster???

    See you at coffee, we will be having more piss ups at my joint during summer too :):)
  9. Welcome back Ari :)

    See you soon (as the sun comes out) :p
  10. Hey there, not sure who you are but welcome back.
  11. Yo! Ari, welcome back :)
  12. Gday Ari hows it going mate. Its coming upto warm weather again. You up for some fun night rides again :D

    Take it easy

    Cheers 8)
  13. Blody hell, i thought i was forgoten :)
    I don't know what to say i m speechless.
    U guys are owsome like the old days, when it all started.
    I have had few accidents (nothing big, like always u know :) ), and as always the first thing to do was changing my bike :) .
    Grobs glad to c u active is well.
    Hornet i m more into actions buddy :wink:
    VTRbob das wot i missed i new it (it's just the vtwins temper i reckon) :).
    Lids thx 4the welcome.
    Gromit you must have been the drunk guy at the HQ end of year party i think (FLIPR please conferm :) ) thx. anyway mate.
    Hey Flipper don't worried i new the red wasn't ur preffered one das y a got yellow :)
    Foxy sorry for not mentioning buddy but i wasn't sure of ur nickname, how can i forget that night :)
    Mizz ZZR i will c u tonight, i noticed u changed the signature :)
    Blue thx mate.
    Dazza das right i come out when the sun start shinning and the moon is full :) glad to c u r active 2 mate.
    Catchyaa all 2night.
  14. It's pissing bad in sothern eastern. i m not gona turn up tonight and i apoligise.
    next time thooo
  15. Hey Ari, you are just round the corner from me so I hear what ya saying but.....
    at the moment, I am watching the clouds but i am heading in soon, so stop being chicken little and head in there :p
  16. Hmmm, thats when I get the motivation up. I am currently sitting here shivering from the cold but I know if I put the heater on, I will enjoy the comforts of home too much to go anywhere...
    anyway, as soon as I work out how to move the huge stump/log from behind my bike so that I can get it out the driveway and get the bike gear on, I am heading in :shock: :p
  17. I must have been drunk, cause I don't remember being there! :LOL:
  18. your heart is grown biger i guess :) No hun sorry but i made a promess to my bike no more riding in the rain :).
    A part of jokes i can't wait to c u all guys but it's fcuking cold and raining and ok ok 2 many excuses i give up u win :)