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i lowsided the storm *sob*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by qbnspeedfreak, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. was having a fantastic ride today headed up to berry got through the twisties taking it easy down into kangaroo valley on the main street and the commonwhore drive stopped suddenly and i over reacted grabbing to much front brake, locked it up and layed the girl down...

    fantastic, few scratches on the right hand fairing, some deep scratches in the mirror, just straightened out the indicator stalk, but snapped the foot peg bracket off, bent the rear brake pedal, which fortunately made it reachable from the ankle guard, it isnt alot of fun riding with your foot resting on the ankle guard for 300 kms

    i wish i could say it was the commonwhore drivers fault but it was my own, not paying attention to what was going on around me, and checking out the talent :roll:
  2. And now you have learnt..welcome to the slow learners group?

    She'll be right, just need some duck tape and she'll be on her way. Glad everything seems alright.
  3. That sux man, hope you are ok.
  4. Hate that Kangaroo Valley area, specially on weekends; full of numpties not watching what they're doing. Some of them are in cars :p.

    Seriously, sorry to hear that mate, and I hope you can get it fixed and back to rideable soon, and at low expense, (bike parts cost SO much money :().
  5. lol dict tape aint going to reattach the foot peg

    yeah everything is fine just a bruised ego, i think every single tourist walking around the valley watched it happen half a dozen even ran from the foot path to see if i was ok
  6. yeah i know paul i'm expecting this one piece off aluminium to cost me around about $400 so much for putting it in for a premmy major service

    :( :( :(

    Sorry to hear about the off...

    Glad you are okay

    :( :( :(
  8. The exhaust system isn't damaged is it?! :p
  9. The bike was a reasonable length model run yes? Migth be able to turn up a very good second hand part, at least it is small enough to be posted fairly cheaply, and most wreckers will do this these days.
    Who hasn't almost had a stack whilst distracted by some attractive person? (I don't call a low speed thing like this a crash, just a little lie down!).

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Bugger - and on a new to you bike as well

    Glad you are OK, and maybe try to get a pair of footpegs from a wreckers - the pins are a pretty standard size.
  11. Yeah yeah, just get on findapart.com.au now, send out a request for the bits you need, should have them wednesday. I'd suggest ebay, but if you buy something now from o/s you're looking at getting it next Monday (in my own experience).

    Hell, I just fixed the things I had to on my Monster (nothing) after lowsiding that. I'm still slowly chasing spare parts that are second hand and cheap, 9 months on. And mine was a new bike (well, some parts shared back to 2004 on other models). Firestorm should be easier.
  12. Glad you are OK. A bruised ego lasts a few days, but having her scratched guess is more painful… hope she will be back in all her splendour soon! Stay safe.

  13. Was? They're still being sold new, although I think this year is the last run. :(
  14. the front of the right can is marked kier :(

    i would try that parts finder thing but dont know the part no. or anything its not the peg the peg is fine its the bracket that includes the ankle guard, iits very minor damage other then the bracket, will get a quote from the place across the road to get the right side of the fairing reprayed,
    plus getting a price of a new indicator and mirror so the bike is as i bought it, unmarked...

    bike is over 9 yrs old with not a mark and then i go and do something so stupid, hell i was basically stopped when it went down, i dont know how come i didnt get my feet down or anything, just that i knew what was about to happen, maybe i will start wearing gloves all the time now very fortunate that there was no spped involved as my right palm hit the deck ungloved, couple of little cuts nothing major
  15. Just say:

    1998 VTR1000F

    My bike decided to have a snooze in the middle of a ride & have a lay down on the road.

    I require the following:
    * RHS rider peg & hanger, right up to the bit where it bolts onto the frame
    * Rear brake lever is a bit mangled, so one of them would be good
    I'd also like quotes on the following parts, should you have them:
    * Insert item 1
    * Insert item 2

    Findapart doesn't require you know the model # or anything. I've only used it for my car, and I sure as hell didn't know any of the part numbers for it.

    Alternatively, you can ride it to CMC, get them to give you an itemised quote - guarantee it'll include genuine Honda part numbers and their cost.

    Then you go home, and submit a request to findapart with said part numbers.

    EDIT: I also have a VTR1000F manual on its way and microfiche here. biatch with the parts list is that it's got the pictures but no actual part numbers. However, you could always use mad MSPAINT skillz and highlight the bits you want on the appropriate figures and attach them as part of the findapart request (or if the people need more info).
  16. Sorry to hear mate ,hope you get it all back together easy and not hit the wallet to hard.
  17. Mate firstly if ya need a hand im offering im actualy a spray painter by trade if ya want ill look at it next time i see ya . secondly ask in the wanted section in ozfirestorm mate someone is bound to have the bits or at least know the best and cheapest place to get them

    cheers Bob
  18. Hope the bike is up and going again soon without to much pocket damage.
  19. Sorry to hear bout your bike James :cry:
    and you were looking so comfotable on it, did you drop it because your feet couldnt touch the ground :p
    Apart from the lie down, how did your bike go?
    Catch ya during the week...
  20. sorry to hear you dropped it mate
    hopefully it's spick & span again soon