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I love...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aldrich_87, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. (a tribute to the recently retired rove)

    Finish this sentence "I love..."

    I love it when you nod at a fellow rider with a pillion and you get two nods in return. YEAH BABY!
  2. I love it when the thrill outweighs the fear.
  3. I love... it when you spend 5 hour of your Saturday riding 20km only to arrive home (and not your destination) due to a gremlin in the electrical system blowing your main fuse every few km - NOT!

    Time was spent:
    1. Waiting in the NRMA roadside assistance queue,
    2. Waiting for the NRMA guy to turn up and abusing wanker P-platers who think it's funny to yell at people broken down on the die of the road,
    3. Wasting time before realising you're checking the fuse in the spare fuse holder... not the "live" one,
    4. Walking to the closest servo and buying 'em out of 20A blade fuses,
    5. Swearing and cursing for 5-10 minutes every time the bloody thing died due to blowing the fuse, and
    6. Pushing the bike the last one-odd km home when I ran out of fuses.
    The love is compounded when you inform your g/friend that you cannot come over due to the problem to be told "always an excuse!"

    PS. I'd like to once again thank the people who did pull over and offer their help.
  4. I love it when I am able to achieve a super smooth run on the Yarra Boulevard in Kew, without slow cars or road hogging cyclists blocking my way. The best part of my half hour or more commute to work.
  5. I love that I don't have to see that irritating little midget pop up on my TV anymore. :p
  6. I love p0rn.
  7. I love it when u open your Mars bar wrapper and discover you are one of the 6 ecstatic winners of a free Mars bar!!
  8. I love it when I see other lady riders!!!
  9. I love lamp
  10. :rofl: winner. EOT
  11. i love riding.
  12. I love b00bies
  13. I love - the look on the face of a 16y/o checkout chick who asks, how’s your day? after proceeding to reply in agonising detail.
  14. I love taking 3 days off over Christmas break so that you actually get 10 days off straight :)
  15. awesome. .
  16. my wife..

    as frequently as i can (or she'll let me)
  17. I nodded to a bike on cleveland st yesterday and got a nod back before i realized he was a cop, all within the space of a second. felt weird, but good...
  18. I love the feeling after a long ride day when you finally get home and have a hot shower 8-[.
  19. riding past a coffee roaster in coburg. the smell of coffee for 2km is just bliss.
  20. I love when my ass doesnt hurt after the numbness goes away from riding all day.
    Its not so cool when the numbness dies down and your tailbone aches...
    (and if im honest, ive been riding for one day... but the theory is sound :p)