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I love winter...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robbied, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Don't get me wrong I love a warm summer ride, but there's just something about winter that I love.

    Let's throw caution to the wind and reminisce:


    Anyone else?
  2. Some more:

  3. I'm looking out the window and thinking that we're still IN bloody winter!!! :evil:
  4. I hate the heat so am loving the cooler weather! I'm sure we have a 40C+ day just around the corner!
  5. That's OK. The weather in Toronto Canada is -11C ATM... I'll be there on January 17 :cry:
  6. All of the Seasons are great, in their own special way.
  7. You're special too Rog
  8. Thanks, duckie. Smoochsmooch.
  9. Brrrr. Is that a wombat? Someone get him some wellies.
  10. Agreed, winter does have it's up sides. :grin:

    And wombats love the snow, they don't need gumboots. They would look awesome in them though. :)

  11. It'd be ok if you had the right gear...and if you could ski, or snowboard, or anything really. I do a pretty good snow angel.

    Wombats would look pretty cool in gumboots...I got in trouble for calling them wellies, hee hee.

  12. yes winter is better than summer if you are me that is..
    all you need to remember as Warren Miller said.
    'dont ever feel like winter isnt here as any day anytime someone is on skis'
  13. Yay for winter; boo for crappy camera!

    that was the only shot i really got that didn't look like someone through a flash grenade at me.


    Beautiful views from up near the top of one of the chairlift we had taken, once again to bad about the camera...


    Seany, that second shot looks like it was taken on a section of the Village Way trail - i like that trail more than the super trail, even though its slower, i think its more fun going through the narrower sections. Can't wait for next winter to come around!
  14. Nice pics guys.

    Have any of you skied/snowboarded overseas?

    Ill upload some pics of my trip to NZ later.

    Hope this winter will be as good as the last!
  15. austria, NZ and lived in canada for a few years..japan should be next.. although i've never been to any victorian ski fields..maybe next year eh.
  16. Nice. Im keen to check out Canada in the next 2-3 years.
    I was going to do Japan this February for 3 weeks of deep powder but due to a new bike purchase I can't till next season.

    Will go to NZ again in August though. I love that place
  17. canada has to be done.. i was looking at japan or canda also this january but yes a new bike will stop that.. Ill be doing NZ again next year for sure.
  18. NZ is so cheap to visit/ski, I love it. The landscape is different to here, much more rocky/alpy. The food and beer is fantastic.

    Where abouts in NZ do you ski?
  19. I was in Austria snowboarding this time last year - and lived in toronto,canada for 2003... i love my snow :D
  20. cardrona is my favourate followed by the remarks.