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I love this video...

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Maxx, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. HAHA, as crazy and stupid as that behaviour is on a public road....nothing beats seeing a bike doing ~280km/h and then Ghost rider comes past him on the back wheel accelerating like a bat out of hell away from him, obviously in excess in 300km/h.
  2. I can see why, I love watching this stuff, even thought the speeds are not quite as portrayed :oops:
  3. I'd never seen this movie til last night.
    I was out with a few netriders last night, we got on the Tulla, coming to the interchange near Essendon airport, traffic banks up in all lanes.
    Im on my anorexic wee 250 and the others are all on their Bulimic litre plus beasts. I just breathe in and split, straight down the middle, weaving and wiggling, indicating all the way, I must have gained about 4 K's on the litre bikes cos I had to slow to 60k's at brunswick rd and wait for them to catch up.
    Then when we get to our destination, suddenly they start calling me the ghost rider :twisted:
    We watched the DVD later in the evening, wow, Ive never seen anything like it.
    I split in traffic all the time, if its all flowing one direction, but man, that guy is NUTS, splitting into on coming traffic, and wheelies at the same time. totally awesome viewing. I'll be sure to watch it again and again and again :p