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I love this time of year...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. ....even more now we live where we do. I had yesterday, today and tomorrow off and all I've heard is a constant stream of bikes heading to the Spur, fully loaded and many with pillions on their way to the island.

    Even though I spent last weekend roadtripping, I want to go again! (I have to work all weekend :( )
  2. Agree. Except that I have to work........while the rest of the world (well it seems like it!) is heading for the Island :cry: DOH!
  3. i hear ya... stuck on an oil rig...
  4. so many bikes on the road today!

    my neck was getting sore with all the nodding. :evil:
  5. thats a sort of island...

  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I can relate to this, last week there were a heap of riders cruising together and i was nodding and nodding, but one fella just put his hand up to wave to a bunch of riders instead heading in opposite direction.

    But still no nods from cruisers lol.

  8. I get nods from cruisers all the time around the lake macquarie area.

    today there were a few old boys on big shiny cruisers out with their missus on pillion and often, both would give me a nod at the same time. :D

    life is pretty relaxed around these parts though, maybe thats it?
  9. :applause:

    no track around this island... just heaps of seals, whales, the here and there dolphin's... but i get a good chuck of saturday off to watch a mate race...

    enjoy it everyone...
  10. ahh well, you've got me there. i have to go to a wedding :cry:
  11. stuck on a boat looking for oil here :(
  12. i like to wave over nodding... its a tad more fun. even mid corner :p
  13. I was sitting by the fence at Turn 11 at PI watching the MotoGP and marvelling at what wonderful weather we had yesterday.
    After many weeks of cool weather, PI turned it on big time. :D
  14. Yep ever year when the weather heats up the bikes return to the roads in droves.

    Then again up here in Cairns it's always warm so the bikes never leave the road :LOL:
  15. I drove from Melbourne to Sydney on Wednesday night/Thursday morning and was amazed at the almost constant stream of bikes leaving sh1tney on Thursday next year I hope to be there....... Hopefully
  16. yeah i've seen hundreds of bikes, alot from interstate with sleeping bags and all sorts of things strapped to them.

    Funnily enough, its turned into "no nodding" season for me, I feel its cause i ride a hyosung and they lack respect for me lol...makes me feel a little ineadequate. hehehe....still love this weather though....

    I find im taking the long way home....all the time when its nice weather.
  17. What happened to "it's not what you ride, it's that you ride"?