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I love the feeling of being part of the Motorcycling community

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justin Stacks, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Since everyone here loves a good "blog piece".

    Author unknown (Alhough his name could be Boris) :LOL:

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  2. For the record, this is not Boris' work.

    The spelling mistakes and poor grammar give it away.
  3. a couple of references (Mick Doohan and telefonica) mark it as very old, too.....
  4. Amusing though, speling and gramare aint that impotent round ere is they?
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  5. Who you callin impotent?
  6. ... I feel powerless to stop the hi-jacking of this thread.....
  7. Yous impotent man yous got one big eye in the middle of ya forehead, if that aint impotent what is?
  8. Only if it always points at the ground :p
  9. I would've thought the spelling mistakes and sh!te grammar would point to Boris undoubtedly
  10. Really?

    Do tell.
  11. I know you've contributed to the other thread - 'nuff said
  12. If you have something to say, please say it.
  13. Chill Winston......

    I actually agree that the OP is not Boris.....the prose are particularly poor....

    But c'mon.........the other thread over there -------------> proves that the "real" Boris 'aint much better...

    Hey Cyclops......are you the WA Boris?

    I kid....I kid..........
  14. it's a thread about a blog piece about nodding.... what's to hi-jack?
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  15. Bit of Borrie envy going on here ?
  16. Gold..........
  17. You might not agree with him, but you can't argue that his writing is ever poorly grammaticised or misspelt. Your comment was just childish.

    The other thread over there?

    The one that's now up to 17 pages of people discussing an opinion piece written by Boris?

    I'd say it proves the exact opposite, people may agree or disagree with what he wrote, but they definitely want to discuss it. I'd say his piece has served it's purpose very well.
  18. Or Borrie love
  19. The Boris piece you refer to as over there, where is over there ?
  20. I, Motorcyclist