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i love shopping--- my new bike !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by f4ibike, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. i have never done trail/dirt riding so this is an area i would like to pursue and maybe even turn it into a motard-- here is my new motorbike., picking it up tomoro. yipeeeeeeeee!!! :grin:

  2. Congrats, have fun, IMHO keep the TTR for the dirt and keep the R1 for the road, both are designed for exactly that and will be more fun that way :grin:
  3. Ooooh 'ello.

  4. Looks like fun, enjoy :grin:
  5. Looks great mate! Good choice, congratz and enjoy :)
  6. Hey rissa...
    Last time I spoke to you i heard roumors of an F4I with some questionable mobs was on the cards...
    Now call me a Newb if you like, but that don't look like no F4I to me.
  7. You make me sick :p

    Nah congrats kido looks sweet but honestly what happened to the F4i? No mystery ride as I need a new gearbox and ran outta $$ Hope to cya soon

  8. hmmm nice bike

    we may have passed each other in shopping yesterday
    Phil & I were looking at dirt bikes too yesterday :grin:

    Lots of fun wishes to you!!!

  9. Congrats on the new bike, have fun :LOL:
  10. Dirt bike YAY! Fun Fun Fun... still gonna use the 600F4I for stunting? Sold the R1 yet?

  11. Awesome Mars! Have a ball with it. :grin:
  12. hey mars. thats cool. good work, no doubt you'll have a blast.

  13. hell yeah also got he f4i, still in setting it up for stuntin, -- yipee--
    and the r1 long gone!!
  14. A big congrats to you mars, im sure it will put a smile on that face of yours :grin: Have fun my friend.
    cheers Shaun.