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I love riding!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nug-Nugget, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Well now that I'm over all the nervousness and paranoia of stalling and busy roads etc. I'm having a blast on the bike. I feel like I can handle any situation now and I'm having so much fun. I can't believe I waited this long. I can't wait to have weekends off work to go riding with my friends and to get to Homebush. Bring on the Street Triple R!!

  2. Sounds like you are having a blast mate! Just keep focussed and having fun, that's what this is all about.
  3. As per another thread - similar situation here. Went out for a quick 60 minute return trip, and ended up getting back 6 hours later via black spur and lake mountain... Still scratching my head as to how that happened...

    Had the bike 3 weeks so far and racked up 1400km.
  4. Haha I'm jealous! I've only had my bike and been riding like 2 weeks. Only managed to do about 300kms to work and back and a Tuesday night ride with the group.

    It's how funny how only a few short rides can give you so much more confidence? :)
  5. Yeh, to a point. Although it also points out the pitfalls. Having said that, I have been somewhat conservative so far. Well - I did get a bit more confidence through black spur :) Good for improving cornering technique (although only pushing to my 80% limit or so for obvious reasons). Back down lake mountain was probably the hardest - less margin for error (and I did run wide on one corner).
  6. 1400kms is heaps. I've had my bike for about 3 weeks now and I've done about 600kms. I've had trouble finding time to just ride without upsetting the missus too much. But the other night what was supposed to be a 2km ride home from her house (after she fell asleep) ended up being a 80km trip :D Sometimes I feel like there's nothing I'd rather be doing than riding.
  7. Well solution to one of your problems - I am single :p

    You have a missus and there is NOTHING better?!?!

    I won't get much in for the next 2 weekends as I'll be in Sydney - but the weekend after that I am doing the intermediate roadcraft course down in hoppers with stay upright (they didn't have any learner roadcraft ones I could do so they suggested the intermediate).
  8. Glad you're having so much fun and have time to ride...keep on learning and see you round!
  9. I can ride her anytime :rolleyes:
  10. In theory I can ride mine anytime too.... but it's when I apply choke things get all animated..that's when a bike is so much better.
    Keep riding..stay safe, but have fun exploring the world on two wheels.
  11. Something I find, is all of a sudden the roads and scenery is so much different on two wheels... Riding through country areas is so much more interesting.
  12. Fantastic to have another convert. Very glad you're enjoying yourself so much. Keep clocking up the km 'cos practice is the key to all things.

    However, beware of this:

    You may feel like you can, but, believe me, you can't.

    Not having a go or trying to rain on your parade. Not by any means. But it's important to be aware that complacency can set in easily for anyone. So keep an eye on yourself and stay safe, OK? :grin:
  13. I think this is why the over 40 bracket has suffered so much this year... Seems that a certain level of weariness is healthy for self preservation?
  14. I like that theory about starting with a bucket full of luck and an empty bucket of experience. The trick is to fill up the bucket of experience before you empty that bucket of luck. Somehow, I suspect that second bucket still has a long way to go. I know mine does.

    I also try to ride at max 80% of my current capacity. Better still 60-70%. At the same time recognising that my capacity is nowhere near good enough at the moment. Improving is not about being able to ride to 100% of capacity - I reckon that would be reckless and stupid.

    Good luck with it.
  15. Yeah I didn't mean to sound cocky or over confidant. Just feeling really good about riding right now, I'm still really cautious. Can't wait for the ride home from work tonight :D
  16. Good man, have fun.
  17. All good. Glad you didn't take offence. Keep clocking those kms :D.
  18. Great stuff! Keep having fun! I have enjoyed reading your riding journey, cheers!
  19. glad to see you have overcome your initial troubles.. i look forward to the day i can say the same too. i been out on my third ride and was doing well until i dropped the thing at the very end as we were almost ready to head home... confidence have definitely deflated... luckily minor damage to my new ride and some damage to my back too.

    i assume you ride on more occasions than me (only on the weekends).
  20. Thanks guys.

    Raie, my first few rides were shocking too. At that time I think Raven told me I'd be looking back at it and wonder what the big deal was, and he was right! Just keep riding. Yes, I do ride more than just weekends. I started feeling better about riding after I started doing the 60km round trips to work and back. Maybe try riding late at night when no cars are around and in empty car parks.

    2troo, it's great to hear you're enjoying reading my posts.