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I love our sponsors!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by N*A*M, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. A package arrived from our latest sponsor - HEL brakelines. They've generously provided pimptastic brakelines for all our bikes. Legends!

    Except I was already running HEL lines on the stunt bike because I love 'em. I guess the old lines will go to my streetbike and so my stunter can have new lines.

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :deal:
  2. advertise much? :p
  3. send 2 me plz
  4. I've been thinking of braiding it up... But I reckon priority one is probably getting the calipers serviced so the damn pistons all work at the same rate.

    Are you back at it yet Nam? Any shows coming up?
  5. yes i was back in the swing... we did a big show in casino nsw for the streetfighters april fools run 2008. it was an epic drive and an awesome weekend.

    there's some stuff in the works... hopefully have something good to announce shortly. my lips are sealed but lots of eggs are in this basket!

    but i'm going to be a bit low key for the next few weeks... getting married! :eek:hno: :tantrum:
  6. Happens to the best of them mate...
  7. That's stuntaz for ya; all the 'Who can risk the most pain and suffering" oneupmanship.
  8. Damn Ktooloo, well played sir!

  9. haha bravo indeed :LOL:

    except now i will be able do tandem nohanders in the bedroom more often :twisted:
  10. It's gags at high noon in the OT forum today! :LOL:
  11. When are you getting married?

    Congrats to you and Franji.

    Let us know whenever you come to Sydney.

  12. hey will! big day is next saturday
    we are using up all our annual leave on the wedding/honeymoon so probably no sydney for a while...

    how are the missus and doggies?