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I love new bike day.. My 2006 Speed Triple 1050

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by panza83, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Traded in my Yamaha FZ1N for this Speed Triple wth 34k km on the clock... Absolute cracker bike HUGE down low power compared to the peaky R1 engined FZ1. Love it to bits so far.

    Only mods are custom fabricated stainless steel luggage rack, power commander, and dual staintunes
    Bike has been dynoed at 130rwhp, so it's good and strong.

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  2. Looks great. Gotta love new bike day.
    I wouldn't put much weight on the rack. It looks good but with no secondary support all the weight is levering
    on two welds on the mounting brackets. A rack bag sitting on the pillion seat would be great.
    Have fun with the new toy.
  3. Sorry for the inconvenience mate, brain fart.
  4. nevermind.

    looks good.
  5. Congrats.

    I love my speedie, it is a bike that can do anything !!

  6. I bet it sounds a treat with the Staintunes....
  7. Yeah it's a bit raucous! Love it to bits already... The only issue i have with it so far is it can be a touch awkward going round slow speed corners like roundabouts... It hates being below 3krpm, so 2nd gear isn't really useable, but 1st gear is a bit too jumpy with the torque and can upset the chassis. Been slipping it in second to try keep her composed.
  8. Hahaha ,

    Gear one is "jumpy" damn straight, any more than a tweak and your front wheel is jumping in the air.
  9. Hasn't come up on me yet! I'm a good hundred kilos and I tend to put a lot of weight on my wrists.

  10. Hehe

    Once you get comfortable with the power, it won't be an issue. At all.
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  11. Nice looking bike enjoy :D