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I LOVE my RJays Octane jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. I decided I would wear my new Octane Textile jacket on the trip to Melbourne. So I rode down in it (dry all the way :shock:), but I fitted the wet-weather liner for warmth. Comfortable and no fuss.

    Yesterday I left Melbourne around midday (just before the rain, as it turned out), and after coffee with Crusingal at Yarragon and tea with Brian and Pat at Lake's Entrance, fitted the wet-weather liner again for the cold (and yet again, dry) night run through Orbost to Tathra. Warm body and warm arms the only result.

    Today, just as I left Tathra for the run home the heavens opened in Biblical fashion, so I dragged on my cheapo $40 RJays platic pants, left the liner in place, and headed up the highway.

    Despite four or five absolute deluges, I arrived home around 5:00pm with all my inner clothes bone dry!!

    So despite the fact that it is only a $200 jacket, and not a dedicated wet-weather garment, I can't speak highly enough of it in all conditions. Gets the Hornet seal of approval!

  2. there is a massive ACTION sale at the moment . . .

    thats on my shopping list actually !
  3. Got the octane myself as my first jacket. Love it to pieces. Very cool in the hot & keeps the wet stuff out too with the liner. With no padding it can get alittle cool in the wee hours of the morning but as an all-rounder it get my thumbs up. Now if only I could figure out how to stop the rain running down into my gloves.... :cry:

  4. ummm.... pull the sleeves of your jacket over the gloves?
  5. I love my Octane jacket also !

    Gets the Mickyb seal of approval !

    I have the Octane jacket with the Urban Camo arms and shoulders, looks wicked in terms of bling when worn with Urban Camo Draggins . . . :grin: . . . real attitude !

    I have not tried it in wet weather yet, but riding with it this morning, it felt more windproof than my Dainese Mako and more flexible (it seems like your not wearing it) than my leathers.

    Appearance - 5stars
    Quality - 3.5stars, some thread ends need cutting.
    Fitment - 5stars
    Water Proof - 4.5stars (need to test it more, however its exceptionally wind proof)
    Value for Money - 5stars

  6. I wore it tonight in the rain !!

    Absolutely awesome !! . . . as Hornet said, for a summer jacket, the inner liner definitely keeps you dry !!
  7. I currently wear an Rjays Voyager Jacket, which I have to admit keeps me very warm and dry.
    However, I think its gonna be way too heavy to wear in summer. Is the Octane Jacket comfy enough to wear in summer?? Can u wear it just over a T-shirt?
  8. WHoa! Lazarus post!!!!!!!!!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Absolutely, that's what I do, and given how warm the weather is becoming by the day, it won't be long before the Dri-Rider is retired to the cupboard and the Octane is on duty again.
  10. How breathable is it without the liner? Looking at buying one of RJays textile jackets for this summer. Wnat somethingb that I will not fill up with seat. :)
  11. Cant agree more hornet, I also have the octane jacket. Keeps the wind out & dry so far & cool in summer.
  12. where can you buy these down in Melb? and is there a link or a website or anything?

    im assuming Octane are the brand not the model, but i couldnt find anything :(
  13. rjays brand
  14. Perfect for hot riding days, there's enough protection for peace of mind, and enough textile so you don't feel like you're wearing a doona. And the liner squashes down to a very small package, so you can carry it with you in case of rain, or cold weather.

    nibor, not sure where you can buy the Octane in Melbourne, but it's an RJays brand, and Octane is the model name. I got mine shopping personally at MCAS http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=4243 but I would think that every bike shop would carry it.
  15. I think that has made up my mind for me. :dance:
  16. Hmm..I want to buy this item too now.
  17. I went to buy an Octane Jacket today. Guess what? I am too fat for their largest size.:furious: So I went to Bikebiz and bought a Dririder - Dri-Mesh Climate Control [​IMG] in black.

    Comes with the winter liner and rain liner. Was $80 more than the Octane.

    Riding home in it with no liners WOW now I know why people rave about the mesh jackets. So cool.
  18. Hah, after all that!!

    I just rode up to TFRPS (The Famous Robertson Pie Shop) in my Octane, it's a beautiful day here in God's Country. I was nice and cool down here on the coast and it was good to ride again in a non-bulky jacket.
  19. you've clearly got shares in RJays, Paul :p

    hmmm im rather tempted to go try one on, i need a waterproof/textile jacket, but i dont think i'll buy one till next wet season in Melb.... (thats probably next week knowing our weather :roll:)

    gonna be a tight tight few months paying off this loan, but im soon to be on the road :grin:
  20. Tell me about it. ](*,)

    It was cool on the way back from the Rouse Hill coffee meet so I wore a long sleeve t-shirt over my normal r-shirt and the Dri-Mesh. It was very comfortable. I am amazed though how cool I felt during the day while wearing it. Even though it was not that hot, 25 degrees, it made riding so much more of a joy. I sweat like a pig in summer so this jacket will help heaps.