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I love my kids BUT.................

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by kezza01, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. they drive me absolutely crazy mad sometimes......like today......

    angry moment number 1:
    i'd lent my daughter's boyfriend my bike helmet so he could go car racing (i know i know....never let them borrow anything) on two conditions 1. if he broke it or it got hit AT ALL he bought me a new one on monday and 2. i needed it back before nightfall so i could go get fuel for the bike

    guess what, they decided not to be home in daylight - going to his dad's place for dinner instead.....and when they did get home (just now), he hadn't even used the helmet anyway


    angry moment number 2:
    i'd arranged to take my bike to a maintenance day tomorrow to get the clutch and mirror checked....my daughter had agreed to take my son and his girlfriend (both 13) bowling.....so when my daughter comes home she says she is going out on my boyfriend's family's boat at 7am in the morning.....so how the f*** can she take my son and his girlfriend bowling?????????

    and i can't pillion him on the bike.....so

    guess what, she goes fishing, he goes bowling, i get to play taxi in the cage, and my bike stands sobbing in the carport - neglected again


    anyone want any kids????????????? i've got one going - free.....
  2. Go to a psychiatrist and get him to sign a letter saying that if anything like that happens again you are likely to snap and murder someone...... then show it to them..
  3. sounds like a great idea - nothin like havin a bit of legal backup for next time......know a friendly psych?
  4. Moment No1- Put the helmet on him beat him over the head with something heavy, now tell him since he used the helmet and it's damaged, to go get you a new one on Monday! :twisted:

    Moment No2-
    "No you're not, you're going f#cking bowling with your brother like you said you would!"
  5. I looooooove the response to moment 1....if only he hadn't gone home already.....

    as for the suggestion for number 2 - i did that, i did the 'now you know what it's been like for me bein a single mum for the last 13 years for you', did the 'what other options can u think of' til the tears were falling (mine not hers - hers came later).....but in the end, i guess, i'm the mum after all....they let me go off overseas for two weeks just recently and she looked after him then.....so 'mother guilt and responsibility' kicked in and i let her off.......but either way - she was still goin to feel bad no matter what happened.

    but i can guarantee - she'll think twice before making arrangements without checking in at home first - or she'll move out.....

    but thanks for the suggestions.....i'm still thinking bout number 1 for tomorrow......
  6. i hear ya kezza.

    1x 16yr old daughter. (headstrong little bugger)
    1x 9yr old daughter. (apprentice headstrong little bugger)

    so i learned karate and scared off all her loser friends.
    (let the good ones live) :blackeye:
  7. and the funny thing is....for about the last week, i've been thinkin of goin back to doin karate....... :?

    i just might..... :wink:
  8. do go. I miss it so much. and youll look tough when the shit is hittin...
  9. I feel your pain... speaking as someone who suffers lots of similar "can't ride the bike due to family committments moments" *sigh*.

    This is why In addition to my solo bike I have a sidecar project bike in the shed I've been working on :)
  10. ok, so far i've got....

    a) hit him round the head while wearin the helmet
    b) get a psych report to cover justifiable homicide
    c) go back to get my black belt
    d) start buildin a project bike

    no offers yet to take my daughter??????


    but i have to say, i'm feelin slightly less angry now......


    well not really, but......
  11. Kids get more selfish as they grow up, never ever ever expect them to do something for you they said they would, get used to it or you'll go mad,

    When they get old enough (19 - 22) tell them it's time to piss off and get there own place (unless there still studying)
  12. hah bugger that.. I was liking the pissing them off early suggestion till you added the disclaimer ;)
  13. +1,000,000 :twisted:

    love your work triway :grin:
  14. true in many ways woodsy, but i reckon my kids reckon i'm the one who's getting more selfish - after all i'm expectin them to suddenly understand that i'd love to go out at least once a week and go riding every weekend (whenever there's a group goin out anyway).....(or maybe that's my mum that thinks that??? :roll: )

    and as for age - my daughter is now 20 and has stopped studying....so, i'm regularly getting rental alerts for reasonably priced units that could be suitable for her...... :cool:
  15. Nope it's a parents job to help suport there kids while there studying, if you cant handle that dont have any, once there working it's a different story.
  16. are you sure you guys weren't listening in when i was swearing under my breath at the time?
  17. Explain to them in no uncertain terms you DESERVE to be selfish, youve raised them for xxx years and gone without so you can give them the best you can afford, if they dont like it sugest it's may be time the found there own place.

    My son bought his own house last year ( he was 22) my ex and me gave him 2k each to help with deposit.
    My daughter is 19 and hopes to buy her own place next year and me and ex will prob give her 2k each as well.

    These are normal kids with normal jobs, they drink, do sport (trailbikes, water ski, netball, etc ,etc) and have fun BUT me and ex taught them the value of money and how to save and invest.

    Kids these days need a good wake up call.
    the world and our generation owes them NOTHING till they'eve earnt it
  18. good on you woodsy for setting your kids up right. it's a big job as all us parents can attest.....

    my daughter has some saving - but hasn't been able to get any more than a permanent part-time job (pays well enough but is very part-time). and she does kick in with the groceries, pays her own phone bills, cooks dinner most nights, cleans house more than me...etc etc etc.

    see - you guys are helping me talk myself round to why i love my kids anyways... :)

    and it is nice to know we all share moments of frustration with out kids.....
  19. Amen to those 2 sister, and for some stupid reason we still love them.

    Speed, crusingal and me are always chating about these sort of thinks
  20. When a mate of mine turned 21 his Father gave him a suitcase for a birthday Prezzie...... moved out within 2 weeks.